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Glimpse of our last week #21

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

I skipped last week, un intentionally, but here I am, back to the glimpse of our last week posts. HEre's a peek at what we've been up to... S. sat on his feeding chair for the first time, just because he doesn't want to lay for too long. G. and I decorated a paper yellow heart as homework for school. He fall asleep as he played with his toys. I finished a dress, two shirts, two cushions (and two more items that aren't showing in the photos). He likes to play with his sister's sock monkey. And he's just too cute! My living room is a total mess because I decided I needed to change everything from place and now I can't find a good solution to get it in the right way, at least a way that would please me. G. enjoyed all the mess...

Omni Tempore Family Tour |A mom and daughter thing|

I just discovered another shirt pattern to use over and over. It is the Omni Tempore by Annemieke from Sofilantjes Patterns, and the greatest thing about it, is that you can use it for your entire family members. It was actually what I had in mind when I accepted to be in this tour. I wanted to make one for the boys and the ladies in this house, but the pattern only starts at 12M and the hubby didn't like the fabric I bought for this... he won't like it unless it is black or any other dark colour. For the girls only then!

Aren't we so stylish together? The thruth is that I love sewing some mom & daughter clothes (and I might start sewing dad and son clothes too), and this was a great opportunity to do so. This pattern is comfy and so wearable in our daily life. The Omni Tempore exists in child sizes and in adult sizes, it is designed to fit men too. How great is that? However, I just needed the child sizes pattern to do both. You see, I fit a size 13 so I didn't e…

Constant: Change Series |a little late|

This post should be up last week, and for thatI apologise the hosters of this Series: Jenya over While She Was Sleeping and Renee over Nearest The Pin. Remember my last post where I mentioned the first time I failed a test? Well, this was my first time failing a series deadline and I feel as awful. I know, I should change something about it. I am not blogging for profit or anything, just plain pleasure and fun and as some of you told me, I shouldn't be so hard on myself... but I am. 

The name of this series couldn't be more appropriate though. Constant: Change! Things are always changing around us, people are changing, everything is and should always be changing. I had to change my initial project half way through because, everything that could go wrong with the first one: did!

When I thought about what kind of change  I could craft/sew about I kept jumping into one thing or another in my mind. Sometimes I find it hard to make this little choices. I always think there's s…

The Uptown/Downtown Dress Expansion Pack Tour

Today I get to be part of the Uptown/Downtown Pattern extension tour. I was supposed to be a tester for this dress, and I did start it back then, but it was about the time S. was born and unfortunately I couldn't finish the test. It was the first time it happened to me and I felt so angry with myself because of that. I hate missing deadlines, however - and in a side note - it has been happening more than I wished ever since I had my baby boy. 

I couldn't be happier when I read about the extension tour, and couldn't help but to feel so thankful to Terri, for the fact that she'd have me on board after failing her through the test fase. All the extensions to the pattern were so tempting and I really took a few days to decide what option I'd sew. There are five new features to the pattern: Cowl - Long Sleeve - Maxi Length - Pockets - Tank/Cami Top

I had the test version left unfinished, so I went with it. The original dress I was going to test was the sleeveless opt…

Glimpse of our last week #20

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

This is going to be a great weekend (or at least I hope), since we are going to take the kids to the zoo, (we'll be on our way as you read this). This past week, I have been able to sew so much, I still can't believe it. The baby has been an angel most days. I've basicly only worked with knits this week, I made briefs for a little cousin (and for my daughter too), I made the top from Gracious Threads sewalong. Been having fun styling my daughter to school (since I am pretty much about jeans and tees myself). My dad came over and brought me teh granny squares blanket my mom made a few years ago, I've always loved it so much and now she gave it to me!!! The baby fell asleep to the sound of the washing machine. I have been organising my fabric stash. And last but not least, I've been helping a (friend) designer to test a new size chart.

Tween Boy's Wallet for my nephew - take II

Not long ago, I blogged about the wallet I made for my nephew. Well, he doesn't have it anymore, and because he is a wind head, we first thought he had lost it, but we have reasons to believe it was stolen after all. His sister is very caring with her stuff and hers dissapeared the exact same day

Anyway, he was so sad, because he really liked it, it made him feel older and more responsible for his stuff. I knew I had to make him an improved one. Improved because the first one didn't have a proper place for coins, he needed a place for coins. 

It was his birthday recently, so I made him a brand new wallet, using scraps of a blue courdury fabric a friend of my mom's gave me like a year ago... apparently she had used it in a few project already and was sick of it. I was so happy to get it though, I love the blue tone. I also used scraps of baby gingham. The bias look awful, I made them for my daughter's overalls last year and I had a little piece left, the fabric is ba…

Rowan Tee Pattern Tour

Laura from Titchy Threads and Craftstorming, is hosting a pattern tour for her latest pattern and I am thrilled to be part of it. Not only have I tested this shirt for her, as I showed you here, I have also tested a few of her previous patterns, and I can say, no doubt about it, that Laura is one of my favourite designers ever. Her patterns are easy to print, piece together (they always match perfectly), cut and sew. Instructions are always clear, with beautiful and consistent images on every step. Of course, the Rowan Tee pattern is no exception to all of what I just said. You can get this pattern HERE, and if you sign up for the Titchy Threads Newsletter during the tour, you'll get an awesome discount code!

The cold days are here, and I realised that G. had too many short sleeved tees, or too many way-too-hot-for-this-weather tees at the moment, but she actually needed something in between, something that would be cosy, but not too hot, and I needed it to be easy to wear in sch…

An Everyday Tank Top... for myself! |Pattern Tour|

There's a very good thing about being a petit size. Sometimes I get across a few girls patterns that go up to bigger numbers (12-14-16), and most of the times one of these will fit me. It is a fantastic thing to make mommy and me looks.That's not what I did here though. Today I am joining in for the last day on the Everyday Tank Top and Dress Pattern Tour. This is Serger Pepper's latest pattern. 

The Everyday Tank Top and Dress, comes in a 3 lenght option; a tank top, a short dress and a maxi dress. If you've been following this pattern tour, then you probably already know how versatile it can be. Some fellow bloggers have made amazing boy versions out of it, and they have been adding hoods, long sleeves, and more... you really should check on everybody else's versions.

Irene mentioned she'd like to see a boy's version or an adult version of this for me. I kept going back and forth between these two options. But, I didn't have that much fabric availabl…

Glimpse of our last week #19

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

This isactually a glimpse from our two latest weeks, since I haven't posted last week, and haven't taken many photos either. I made V. take some shoots of the kids, G. played with her play food, I made something for myself, G. took a photo of me on my birthday. I took a photo of S. when he stped crying for a change, I recieved the books I've ordered, they will be Christmas presents, S. moved to a bigger crib. G. has helped my grandma making her birthday cake. I just got another pile of clothes to refashion. I'll never get done with them all.

October Wrap Up

Note: I thought I had scheduled this post for the past saturday when I was away, apparently I haven't and only realised it now! 
I knew October would go better than September. It wasn't too busy, I shared basicly one post a week, plus the weekly glimpse on our daily life. Still it was more than I could achieve the previous months. We have a routine that is a bit more consistent right now, I am getting used to being a mom to two with little help from the hubby (because he works too many hours so I can stay home with the kids). 
I am really proud of the things I did this month. And I am so happy that some of it was for the boy. The tendency is to sew for the girl around here, either because it's a girl pattern to review, or a pattern to test that doesn't go as little as S. is yet... I have done a few pattern tests too but I couldn't blog about them right away, so they will probably be blogged later. 

I was able to make 3 outfits for S. The Boogie Boogie one (onesie a…