Glimpse of our last week #18

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

So, another week that went by too quickly. G. started with a cold, but she was over it soon, I got it after her and have been like that all week. I feel awful, even though I am much better now. the kids have been hard to put to sleep lately, so we're pretty much more than tired. G. and I separated all the coins she saved into bags to put it on their account. I breatfeed with a cat on my lap. a little refashionista on the way? I found G. with her leggings in her head "it's a hat" - she said. We went to an annual fair, and G. had a blast with her cousins. S. is growing so fast and doing new things everyday. When I pick G. from school, we usually visit dad at work. I made and sold a pocket sling. I founf the first two numbers of a new magazine with kids clothes and accessories - I loved it! And I finished my latest Bumblebee dress... 


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