The Rowan Tee |Pattern testing|

If there is a thing I love is to test new patterns. One of the best designers I've ever worked with is Laura from Titchy Threads. I have loved testing for her every-single-time I did, and she doesn't disappoint with her patterns... ever! 
This is not the last test I did for her, but it's the last I can blog about:
The Rowan Tee Pattern. It's a unisex pattern, with 144 combinations possible from all the fun features it comes with. For my skinny girl I made the 18-24m size, with 2T lenght (or was it 3T?! - oopppsss I can't tell anymore and it wasn't that long ago). I did the short sleeved hooded option, which will be great for layering in the next couple of months when it gets colder. 

I refashioned two t-shirts from dad to make this one, and I also used scraps from a white shirt to make the lining of this shirt. I messed up with the hood finishes because i misunderstood the instructions, remember it was made during the testing period and a few photos were missing from the tutorial yet. Keep in mind it was my own mistake and not at all the pattern's instructions! To be honest, though, I kinda like it this way too. 

Did you recognise her jeans? Yes! They still fit, though I guess it won't be for too long. 


  1. Como a escolha das cores faz uma peça de roupa totalmente diferente :)

    1. É a parte mais divertida de costurar, com um molde apenas podemos fazer imensas coisas distintas!!! Já tenho outra planeada, mas falta-me decidir alguns detalhes. bjs

  2. Another awesome refashion, Magda. Love the hood on the tee. Will keep this pattern in mind.


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