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One Thimble Issue 16 tour

It is time for One Thimble again. The 16th issue of the e-zine is already available in HERE and today I am bringing a bit of what's inside for you. I have sewn two patterns, both from Ainslee Fox Boutique Patterns, and they are the Hally Casual Dress and the Triton Singlet as you can see in the picture below. 
Both patterns are meant to be a loose fit, and I liked that idea. My daughter fell between two sizes, 5 and 6 on the dress, and I went for the biggest as usual, clearly I should have gone a size down for a perfect fit, it looks a bit too loose on her but, eventually it will last longer. 

The detail on the top front bodice was what caught my attention. We didn't realise while taking these photos, and her hair is covering it in most, but I just loved that different touch. The dress has two different construction options and I took the hard road, but it was worth it (don't worry if it scared you, the second option is way easier). 

I also added a different touch by appl…

Baby's first clothes pouch

Scroll down for english, please! 

Uma das minhas cunhadas está grávida e pediu-me que lhe fizesse uma bolsinha em tecido para a primera roupinha do bebé. É um menino e vai chamar-se Iúri de Jesus. Sinceramente, não vou comentar o nome, o que diz muito sobre o que acho dele. 
One of my sisters in law is pregnant and asked me for a pouch for her baby's first clothes. It's a boy who they will name Iúri de Jesus, I will absent from comments, which says much of what I think about it. 

Mas pronto, essa foi a escolha dos pais e eu, como boa tia que sou, lá bordei o nome do rapaz a ponto cruz, coisa que não fazia havia anos. Fartei-me de fazer e desfazer. Fiz a maior parte já à noite com pouquíssima luz por preguiça de mudar de sítio, até que eventualmente acabei por fazê-lo. No entanto, continuei a fazer e desfazer por mais um bocado. Aliás, se prestarem bem atenção ainda ficou um erro que a mim me salta logo à vista, mas que já não tive coragem de desmanchar depois de tudo. 
Well, it&…