Refashion Month with Meriel Aho

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A convidada de hoje é a Meriel, a ser sincera, temos-nos encontrado em várias tours e testes, mas até ela se inscrever nesta série, eu não conhecia particularmente o seu trabalho. Fui espreitar como faço sempre que tenho alguém "cá por casa" que ainda não conheço de um todo ou de quem conheço pouco, e gostei muito das peças que tem feito para as suas crianças. Hoje, ela partilha connosco um apanhado de algumas das reciclagens que já fez anteriormente. Não deixem de espreitar as suas dicas. 

Today's guest is Meriel, and being honest, unless for some tours and tests where we were both in, I didn't really know her work until she signed for the series. I went in to check it out as I always do when I have new guests that I haven't heard of before, or have but not much, and I particurly liked the things she's been doing for her kids. Today, she's sharing a wrap up from previous refashions from her own. Make sure to check out her tips. 

This is a brief look at some quick & easy refashions that anyone can do. I learned to sew 6 years ago, and making over thrifted items such as too-large clothes or even sheets has been one of the best ways for me to get some practice (and even a wearable garment!) without investing a lot of money into my learning process. Pop over to my blog (http://createthreepointfive.com) to read more about what you see here!

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