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Luis & Joana Hoodie

Aqui já vos falei sobre a Susana, por isso dispensa apresentações. Acontece-se que ontem, a Susana lançou o seu segundo molde, e mais uma vez fiz parte do seu grupo de teste. A sério que quando vi que ela estava para testar outro molde fiquei logo entusiasmada, é que trabalhar com um molde em português é outra coisa. Não que não me sinta à vontade com os moldes em inglês, mas que tem outro gosto, lá isso tem. 
I've already told you about Susana, here, so no introductions needed. It happens that Susana's second pattern has been out yesterday, and I have been part of her testers again. I seriously felt quite excited when I saw she was calling for new testers, because working with a pattern that is written in portuguese (there is an english version too, as well as there is one for her first pattern now too!!), is something quite different. Not that I don't feel comfortable with the english patterns, it is just that it is specia, I don't know how to explain it. 

Então, como…

One Thimble #13

Scroll down for english, please! 

Vêm as duas peças acima?! São dois dos moldes que fazem parte da 13º edição da revista digital One Thimble, a mesma que vos apresentei aqui e aqui e que acabou de sair e vale a pena espreitarem. 
See those two pieces above?! They are two of the patterns from the 13th edition of One Thimble, a digital magazine I shared with you before, as here and here. It was just realised and it's worth a look. 

Para começar, mostro-vos a pochete. O molde é Sakuro Clutch da Little Moo Designs. Confesso que o molde é bem mais interessante do que esta que eu fiz, com uma aplicação super gira. Andava a precisar de uma bolsa para o meu netbook, mas nunca mais me decidia a fazer uma, porque sinceramente não tenho propriamente dedicado tempo algum às costuras. Quando penso nisso, fico um bocadinho triste, mas são fases, e a vida vai acontecendo com outras prioridades, ou necessidades. 
To start, here's a clutch. It is the Sakuro Clutch pattern, by Little Moo Designs…

Pijama Dorminhoco (Pajamas pattern)

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Bem, bem, bem... mais de um mês sem publicar!!! Acho que isto nunca tinha acontecido por aqui. Este ano tem ido de mal a pior no que toca às costuras. Existem outras coisas a acontecer, é isso, e este ritmo pautado, tem sido necessário. Só espero que continue alguém ai desse lado para me ler, porque aqui estou eu hoje para partilhar algo convosco. Não só costurei, como reciclei! Yay! 
Well, well, well... no posting for over a month!!! I think this had never happen here before. This year has been going worse and worse as it goes, as far as sewing is concerned. There's other stuff happening, that's what it is, and this slow pace has been necessary. I only hope there is someone still in that side to read, because here I am to share something today. Not only did I sew, I also refashioned! Yay!

O feliz recetor do meu trabalho -hehe - foi o meu filhote, com o seu novo pijama. Ora bem, a Susana (Suco by Susana), não só vende peças confecionadas para c…

3 Thrifty Baby Gifts you can sew

Dana, from Sew Thrifty has been an inspiration ever since I found her blog. Just like me, she loves to make use of what she had already and find a creative way to make things live longer in new forms. She just had a precious little girl, and she has put a few bloggers together, sharing thrifty ideas baby related to celebrate the arrivals of her youngest! Congratulations to her and her family!

I've got two kids and I think we're pretty much done with having kids. You'll never know what the future holds, and sometimes life comes up with a few unexpected surprises. We're not planning on having anymore though, so as cute and lovely as they are, chances are I'll be sewing baby items only to gift the ones around me. And with that in mind, I have put together a little wrap up of the baby related tutorials I have shared so far. Not only they are baby related, they will also cost you nothing to make... Let's see... 
#1. Baby Pocket Sling
I think I pretty much gifted one…

EYMM tour: Back to School Mom Edition

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Gostei desta ideia desde o princípio (não estaria aqui se assim não fosse). A verdade é que é muito giro costurar para os miúdos, mas os meus, continuam a ter mais roupa do que aquela que vestem, e eu ando muito mais virada a costurar para mim, no pouco tempo que tenho tido para isso. E depois de aturar os miúdos o verão inteiro, é com alguma alegria que os envio para a escola neste maravilhoso Setembro. O pequenino entrou na creche a semana passada - pela primeira vez - e a mais velha começa esta semana, e eu vou festejar com o meu novo vestido!

I liked this idea from the start (I wouldn't be here if I didn't anyway). Truth is it is really fun sewing for my kids, but mine at least, still have quite a lot more clothes than those they manage to wear, and I have been more into sewing for myself lately, in my little free time. And after putting up with the kids all summer, feels kinda good to send them back to school this beautiful September. The …

Bonn Shirt & Dress pattern by Itch to Stitch

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Há muito tempo que não dava notícias por aqui, não é verdade? Entre a correria do fim do verão e do ter voltado a trabalhar, embora a meio tempo, pouco espaço tem sobrado para as costuras. No entanto, não há nada como um teste a um molde chamativo para me fazer voltar ao ativo (ah, entretanto também fiz esta blusa que partilhámos há uns dias no Cose+). 
Long time no seen, right? Between summer's end eclectic life and being back to work, even though part-time, has left a little space for sewing around here. Despite all that, there's nothing like an appealing pattern test call to get me back on track (oh, and I also made this shirt we shared a few days ago over at Cose+). 

O teste que vos falo acima, foi para a Kennis dos moldes Itch to Stitch, e é o molde Bonn Shirt and Dress. Aproveitem os 20% de desconto do lançamento do molde (hoje) e ainda 15% de desconto na conta final se comprarem dois ou mais moldes. E que tenho eu a contar-vos sobre o no…

One Thimble Issue 12

It seems just like a couple a days since I had the chance to read One Thimble 11, and here we are with Issue 12, three months later. I was again, one of the lucky ones to try out a couple patterns ahead and get my eyes through the e-zine before release. It did not dissapoint, of course. 

Before anything else, I have to say I was touched, somehow, by the editor's welcome note, it goes about self belief. Sometimes we hear/read things just right when we need the most and I think that's one of those times for me. I am getting farther from believing in my dreams and goals, and I need someone/something to get me back on track. That welcome note, isn't long, but it's quite enough to get me thinking about it. Then the theme for this number was watercolour and as a fan of the technique I found myself daydreaming just by looking at the overall look of this issue's layout. 

When the time came to pick the patterns for this post, I chose the Calla Lily Crop Top by Jennuine Des…

Refashion Month 2016 Wrap Up

I absolutely have to thank deeply all the ladies that took part of this year's edition. I was such a lousy hostess, but they were there for me, and I can't thank them all enough. So please, visit them all if you haven't and show some love because they are worth it. That said, if you're just coming today, let me wrap it up for you. Usually this series take place all through July. This year though, life got pretty much in the way, but as I said thanks to the ladies I mentioned above, I could have it running for at least two weeks. 
Of course I enjoyed seeing what everyone did, or wraped up for us. Vicky had her daughter's help to refashion a long skirt, Joelle did an amazing transformations from men's underwear to boy's shirts, Stephanie upcycled some of her t-shirts. 
 Vicky's (Vicky Myers Creations) , Joelle's (EYMM) & Stephanie's (Swoodson Says)
Liz did this amazing job turning an adult sized hoodie into a child's romper. Michelle wrap…