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February Wrap Up

My monthly wrap up is back after a two month break. You might have noticed that I also skipped the weekly glimpses... I forgot to share it the first week, and then I just went on with it. I made a monthly collage for you guys though, with bits and parts of our month. 

February was a busy month. There were Carnival parades, the first one was the one from G.'s school, where the kids helped making their own owl costume. Then we visited two more parades that week, as I already told you here. I've cooked some of G.'s favourites, and did a few fun experiences too. We had those pancakes for lunch, on a lazy day, the two of us, with chocolate topping. I got to sew a few pieces and we had fun in our photo sessions. We visited parks, and the beach as usual. G. had a playdate with her bestfriend. S. jumps like crazy in his jumper. We had plummers fixing something, finally. A friend sent my daughter some pink tulle and I made her a tutu, she wore it over her pajamas and felt so happy…

Sew Many Books: Victoria Plum Goes Fishing

Bringing home a guest post today, in case you didn't see it back then.

I am so happy for the chance to be part of the Sew Many Books series hosted by Emily over Nap Time Creations. I remember following it last season, and enjoying it a lot. It was such a surprised to be invited to be a part of these this time too. =) 

So, as soon as I knew I was going to be in the series I started thinking of a book. It was wasy. I picked one from my childhood. It lays in my daughter's shelf of books nowadays, it's almost 30 years old, some pages were ripped apart, and I wrote all over it when I was younger. The book is from Victoria Plum's collection by Angela Rippon. Does anyone know this little fairy? I remember I loved this book just so much, and I believe it was one of my very first ones if not the first. I only have one from the entire collection, a random book my mom bought me. The title of this one is Victoria Goes Fishing. 

Then I had to actually think of an outfit inspired b…

Refashioned Girl Briefs |take 2|

Do you remember these? Well, back in November was my cousin's daughter 4th birthday and she told me the little miss needed some new underwear. This happened right after I made my daughter's briefs, so I thought, why not? Let's make some for Didi too. And I did, 3 pairs for her. 

I finished these last minute before I left the house so I took the photos before ironing. That's why all the wrinkles here. 

I used 2 shirts that my mom had given me just a few weeks before. The purple and the pink. For the third one, I used left overs from this refashion and the bands were made from scraps from what was one of my first refashions many many years ago, it once was a t-shirt of mine. 

Didi is 8 months older than G., so she's a little bigger is size too, not much but a little. And she doesn't like her underwear to be too tight, so I risezed the self pattern I told you about before to fit her, so the shape from hers and my daughter's is the same. I haven't done any …

Carnival 2015

Last year I did a little series on my Carnival costumes. I even shared tutorials for two of them, and linked to another one. When I did the round up of my past costumes, the last day, I forgot to mention two more that weren't on the photos. They were a medieval girl's dress and an angel dress. I still don't have photos of the last one I mentioned, but my niece was big enough this year for it to fit her and that's what she wore. Here's a little photo from our first day from this year's Carnival. Apart from my nephew, I made all the other 3 costumes. 

The Medieval dress was made many years ago, for my third fashion show, and it was used by a friend's daughter. This was the dress that closed the show. That little girl, has also opened the show, she wore the angel dress for that and all eyes were on her, she was so brave, and I was so proud of her. Back to this dress, the features I love the most are both in the sleeves. Apart from the gathering, I love that t…

Extraordinary Girl Tour

Today I get to be in the Extraordinary Girl Tour. This is a pattern by Filles à Maman. It was my first time working with a pattern from this designer and I couldn't be happier about it. I had all sorts of problems in the way when I started it. It seemed to be cursed and when it wasn't for the missing ink in my printer, it was my sewing machine chewing all the thread. But I made it, just in time for today. And although I was literaly swearing as I was trying to get the stitches right on my machine, I was so happy about my two shirts when I finished them. 

This pattern comes in girls (12M-14Y) and women sizes (XS-XXL), but you know right? I fit into the girl's size so I only had to print from one pattern. I did girl's size 14 for myself and size 3 for my daughter. The pattern comes with print by layers option, which for someone who cares a lot with waste like I do, it is just great. We get to save a lot of ink. So, I printed both sizes together, cut my pieces first, and …

A baby Bumblebee Dress

There were a few things made in 2014 that never got to the blog. I will try to post most of them, because I love to document every little thing I make good or not so good (even though some just don't make it for one reason or another). 

This is a dress I made for another blogger. She was the sweetest when my daughter was born and offereced us a pair of booties she made. Last year, just a little before I had S., she had her first child too, a girl. Of course, I wanted to make something for her little one. So, I turned to what is my go to dress pattern, and made her a tiny Bumblebee Dress. If I am not wrong I did the 6M size. 

Unfortunately those photos are still from my older camera and they aren't so good. I used fabric and lace from my stash. For someone who doesn't like pink that much, I happen to have a few different ones for years, and since last year was my great destash year, it was normal for me to use all the pinks. I really like the pattern, it's no news for …

Kids Clothes Week |day 6|

excuse the wrinkles, please!  
I am so excited today!!! It's day 6 and I have been following the challenge just like I should. The only thing different I've been doing is that I have been sewing for more than one hour most of the days, but that's okay, I guess. One more day to go, but before that, I am also excited because I have finished my third Phresh Blazer and I keep falling further in love with it everytime I make a new one. I am not someone who sews the same pattern over and over, and if I do, it means I really love that pattern. It has happened a few times in the past*, other than that I guess I haven't done more than 2 of others I own. It doesn't mean I don't like the others, it just means those are my top choices. Anyway, I guess you got it, right?! I see a future full of these sweet little blazers since I believe I need to sew one of these for every little girl around me. And there are a few, that's for sure! 

This latest one was made for my daug…

Kids Clothes Week |day 5|

After posting yesterday (late, very late at night) I decided it was a good thing to take clothes out of the closet where I keep my to be refashioned clothes to search for the perfect thing to use as a new Phresh Blazer. It took me a while and I have made a huge mess out of my sewing space, but at least I found it. It was a suit so I had plenty of fabric for the whole thing, it had sleeves, it was just slightly stretch and a very good quality fabric. I worked more than one hour on this today, but I can't precise how long exactly because I did it in parts. I know I cut the pattern pieces from one single part of the suit so I spent a little trying to figure out how to best cut it, then after lunch I had the back of the blazer ready and by noon, all that there's left to do is attaching second sleeve and add bias to the hems. Tomorrow, my daughter's friend will have a brand new blazer done. *big smile on my face* I didn't even touch the Mara blouse today, I was too excited…

Kids Clothes Week |day 4|

There's just one thought in my mind right now. It is exausting trying to sew along with KCW, plus all the rest going on in one's life. I didn't get to sew anything today. I did use my one hour for the matter, but it wasn't actually sewing. I changed my sewing plans for the week. My daugher's best friend (first one!) is having her 4th birthday these days, and that's an awesome excuse to sew another Phresh Blazer. I spent a long, long time trying to figure out how to display the pattern pieces in the fabric just to find out that I am not one to make miracles and no matter how many turns I'd give it, that blazer just wouldn't fit in the piece of fabric that I wanted to use. I then searched through my refashion piles and I got frustrated because the way I last organized them isn't that good after all, it is hard to reach a lot of the pieces and they are not all easy to see either. That's important when you are looking for something very specific. I…