S is for Sewing e-book review

I was one of the lucky bloggers that got to see/read/and sew from the "S" is for Sewing e-book, before it's release. Today, I get to show you what I made with it, and also a few thoughts about the book. The back to school compilation of patterns, articles, and extras, was put together by the Sewing for Boys team and it's their second PDF compilation. You can find the first one here. The most recent one, can be found here, with a 15% discount for a short time. 

When I've put my eyes on the book for the first time I was really impressed. And I was happy to find patterns that looked perfect for a refashion around here. When choosing what to sew, I had a pretty hard time, because all the 4 main patterns were very tempting. I wanted to sew for S. but he's too small for the size range of the patterns, and also too small for a backpack. I went with The Quadrilateral T. That hidden pocket was just too much fun. But as I just mentioned S. is too small for the size range, so I went for the smaller size (xxs - 2/3Y) and hoped it'd still fit the big sister for some photos. After it was done, it looked cool on her too, so I guess, if she doesn't ruin it, it's a gender neutral that will last from one to the other. 

The Quadrilateral T is a pattern by Addie Martindale, sizes go from 2/3 to 10/12, and it's pretty easy to make. I spent two hours to make mine, and it includes printing, taping, cutting and sewing. It took me a bit longer than it should, because I had a hard time searching for some cool boy fabrics in my pile of clothes for refashion. I realised I am really in need of more masculine fabrics. It's one of those patterns we can play around with fabric colors and prints. 

We tried to get modeled pictures from the tee on my daughter but she refused to do so, she had been sick and throwing at school, so I didn't bother her more than I should. 

After the tee, I did two Envelope Pencil Pouches by GYCT Designs, who, together with a few other well known bloggers, has contributed to the e-book with their own ideas and tutorials. I made two, one for a boy, the other, again, for a girl, my nephew and niece, of course. He's going to 5th grade this September, a new school, everything so different. She's going to 3rd grade and having a new teacher. I hope they will appreciate having something from their auntie in their new starts. I'd say these are really cool for last minute gifts, since they are so simple and quick to make. 

I didn't do anything else from the book yet. Not that I don't want to, I just might have to wait until my son fits into the pattern ranges. That's fine, I think that will go quickly. I can also do any of these or any of the other extras for my daughter, they are adjustable for a girl, as long as I use appropriate fabric choices. Apart from the great patterns and extra ideas, one thing I really enjoyed was the Handmade boy's wardrobe article.  I totally wanna copy all the ideas, because it looks so awesome and the article is so complete with links to oh-so-many patterns. A must read for sure. 

And that's it. I wanna thank the Sewing for Boys team for having me on their tour and sincerely apologise for posting this so late. 


  1. Cute little pocket in the t-shirt, Magda. Love the colours.

  2. Love the t-shirt! That little pocket is fun!

    1. I'm site you'd rock it for your guys. The pocket truly os the star in this design.


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