Refashion Month with Made by Sara

I have a special guest today. You're all special, it is true, but Sara, from Made by Sara is not only a great inspiration, she is always there when you need help. If you have any sewing doubts, she'll be there to tell you how to do it, and if she doesn't know, she will search for answers until she does. She is also responsible for a few of us (portuguese sewing bloggers) getting together and know about ach others. Not to mention, how great her own sewing is. If you don't know her yet, I am sure you'll love her blog. She's hosting an Alice in Wonderland series in her blog. It's her first time doing it, so go there and show some love. I'm sure she'll appreciate it. 


Hi lovely House of Estrela's readers! I am always so happy when I have the chance to join Magda's Refashion series! The thing is, although I love refashioning and I always admire the way other people give a new life to their clothes, I end up not having much time myself to refashion anything from this huge pile I have in the closet, of clothes that for some reason can no longer be used... So, this is always an opportunity to push me to grab one of those and make it wearable again. :) 

By the time I was going to make something for this series - and my plans were really big! - I got some disturbing news regarding the health of someone really close to me... Needless to say that I was no longer in the mood to make anything... But Magda is a good blogging friend and I really didn't wanted to bail on her at the last minute so I ended up making a simple alteration to a top I only worn once but that I love.

It's a size M top that I purchased at Zara, in a pretty gauze print. I bought it after my first kid was born (about 7 years ago!). You know when you buy a piece of garment that is a bit tight but you think "Oh well, it will fit once I loose those extra pounds... This way I have an incentive to workout."? Yeah, this was one of those purchases. :) 

The overall fit was actually great except on the arms. I thought it was the sleeves (my arms got a bit chubbier after I had my kids) but now I realize it was actually mostly because of the armscye.

I have only used it once and it was enough for the back armscye seams to tear a bit... (You can tell how tight it was...) It was a nightmare to pull it off when I got home... It just wouldn't pass the armscye/shoulder/arm/neck angle and I struggled with it for almost half an hour! I was about to grab some scissors and cut it into pieces so I could take it off! I felt really claustrophobic... But then I finally was able to take it off and I am glad I didn't had to use the scissors because I love this fabric and now I was able to make something out of it and use it again!

First I had to unpick the armscye stitches - overlock and a stretch chain stitch.

Once the sleeves were off I tried it on and the fit was perfect! But since the armscye of a sleeveless top is drafted differently from one meant for sleeves I had to adjust the curve of the armscye.

Finally, I added a bias facing to finish the armscye edges. I used a stretchy bias I found at my local fabric shop. It looks like a stretchy soft denim and it was perfect for this. I always love when I buy things that I know will become handy one day (even though I have no idea what for) and they actually do. :)

Although this is a simple alteration I think it is rather useful, and super quick - it's my favorite kind of refashioning. :) I was honored to have been a part of last year's Refashion Month and also of the Refashion Week last January - you can see what I did (along with a tutorial) here and here

Now that I look at the photos, I think I may use the remaining sleeves to make some flutter sleeves. Do you think that would be too girly for a women top? 

Thanks for having me Magda! I am truly thankful I finally had the chance to have rescued this top from the never ending pile of "to refashion one day". :) 

line up_correct2


  1. Really lovely! I wouldn't add the flutter sleeves, for me it looks perfect as it is!


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