Refashion Month with the hostess again

I'm back for my weekly refashion. I almost forgot to post this one, but here I am already. This one was actually a non planned, last minute sewing project I had to make last friday. My daughter's school hosted a white night themed end of year party, and I was all relaxed about it because I knew I had made white clothes for her in the past. Two hours before I had to leave to the actual party, I went on preparing her clothes and SHOCK! She had nothing she could wear... no handmade, no RTW... well she did have white clothes, but they didn't match together. 

Panic! I quickly looked into my refashion pile and the one that shined best was my mom's button up shirt. It was made of a light cotton and embellished with some (white as well) embroidery. It seemed perfect for a summer party. I wuickly cut into it. I was having trouble deciding what to do with it, because I didn't want to cut any lenght, and it had two darts making it hard on me. I just ignored them after all. 

First I cut the sleeves off of the shirt. Then I cut it a bit under the back appliqué because it was gorgeous and I wanted to save it for sure. I didn't really use a pattern to make it, but I did use a previous dress I made G. for her birthday last month to check fit and form for the bodice. It was a dress made with the Firecracker pattern by GYCT. I used the bottom part of the shirt to make the dress skirt. I sewed the front together, gathered and sewed to the bodice. Because G. wasn't home and i was afraid it'd be too short, I thought about adding some lace to the hem. I didn't have one that was exactly white and although i first doubt it, I really had no time to think and just went with it. I finished the top with bias tape so that I didn't have to add lining to it. 

It was not until I took the photos that I realised that the button plackets from the front dress don't match at the seam line that puts top and skirt together. that's one thing I might have to change soon. It happened because I wanted to close the skirt portion on the front and to do that, I sewed both pieces together, slightly overlaping them. Since I didn't do the same for the top, and they still are functional, they are also wider. I also knew the lace would be weird because the original shirt didn't have a straight cut line at the hem, but again, I was concerned about the final lenght of the dress, so I closed my eyes to that too. I think I can redo that as well. At least she had a white dress to wear that night. under two hours, and for free!!!


  1. Lovely dress! Lace made it just the right length.

    1. Thank you. I'll have to do a few fixes and it'll be perfect.


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