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When I first started by blog series, I was personally inviting each blogger to take part. As the editions passed, I started opening spots for every and anyone that would like to join. This has been wonderful, because I got to know a whole lot of new bloggers that I didn't before. This time, spots were full within a couple of hours, I was so surprised and happy at the same time. Being active in a lot of fb groups, a lot of names sound familiar to me, but sometimes (most I guess), I can't relate the blogger to the blog. It's like this with my first guest, Stacey, blogging over From a Box. Although I Stacey is pretty familiar from fb to me, I can't say I know her blog for too long. Actually I went there to really get to know her stuff because of her participation in this series, and I really liked it. I love that she sews for everyone around her, and how perfect her creations look. Not to mention i got inspired by a few of her boy sewing. Let's see what she's got for us today... 

Hi, I am Stacey and I blog at From-a-Box where I share my sewing projects for my family, friends, and home, along with some cooking and some family adventuring. I am happy to kick off Refashion Month July 2015 with House of Estrela. There is such a fabulous list of bloggers to follow me, but today I want to share with you my refashions from bed sheets into clothes for my girls. I hope these refashions will inspire you to find your own ways to reuse, upcycle, and create new garments. ENJOY! 

Clothes from bed sheets... who knew that would become my thing... but after 4 projects upcycling bed sheets into clothes for my girls, I can call it my thing. Refashion July 2015

Bed sheets are a wealth of fabric! and you can find such a variety of unique fabric types. There are high-thread-count sheets that are super soft. There are T-shirt sheets with large patterns. There are vintage wovens with a border print. And there are , crib sheets in high quality knits and minky. Perhaps you have these sheets in the back of your linen closet, or you can find them at thrift stores, or find on sale in the stores. Upcycling bed sheets offer so much potential in such a large square of fabric. And remember to save for future projects - just cut off the hems and elastic corners, fold, and store. For the July 2015 Refashion Month, I am sharing my bed sheet refashions. First from crib sheets, I made the sleeves and pants for this warm & cozy outfit for my daughter. See all the details HERE. This is a pink minky crib sheet used for the sleeves and the pants. Since there were some unusable parts of the crib sheet (you know, baby stains), I simply position the pattern just-so to use the good sections of the fabric. Refashion July 2015

Then another crib sheet refashion to make a shirt for my daughter. See the details HERE. The bodice of the shirt is from a yellow knit crib sheet. Refashion July 2015

Next, I have refashions from woven bed sheets into dresses for my daughter and for my niece. This is a vintage bed sheet that I found in very back of a cabinet at my parents lake house. See the details HERE. I love the big design and the retro colors. And I love it even more as a maxi dress on my niece. Refashion July 2015

This is bed sheet used by my oldest daughter when she moved to her big girl bed many years ago. See the details HERE. My youngest daughter loves the butterflies. One day she came to me wrapped in the sheet to ask if this would make a beautiful dress for her. I agreed and hope you do too. Refashion July 2015

For me, sewing is more than a yard of fabric and a pattern. I like sewing with a theme. I like sewing with a creative challenge. Refashioning and Upcycling bed sheets to garments is a thing for me. Look around. Do you have high quality or interesting & unique or ready-to-donate bed sheets? If so, then start refashioning! Stay tuned for more great refashioning during Refashion Month July 2015 here at House of Estrela!

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  1. No one would ever know any of your creations were once bedsheets. I especially like the blue maxi dress refashion - very eye catching.


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