Refashion Month with Fairies, Bubbles & Co.

Today we have a guest coming back from the special Refashion Week I hosted in January, with portuguese bloggers only. Maria from Fairies, Bubbles and Co. is now living in the UK, but she's also from this beautiful country of mine. She has something I wanted before I became a mom, which is, having twins! I didn't though! but she did and she sews beautiful garments for her two lovely daughters. She has been sewing for herself as well, and I must say, I like her adult clothes even better than the kids ones... This time though, she didn't make any clothes for this refashion, she actually did something that is on my list.

Oh, and by the way, I want to apologise Maria and everyone else, that this post goes live so late, but baby S. isn't ok yet. The fever is finally gone, but now he's got his face, chest and belly full of red ugly spots.


Hi, I’m Maria and I blog over at Fairies, Bubbles & Co. where I share my sewing adventures and since I participated in Magda’s last edition I started to look to my RTW clothes (and my husband’s too) in a different way and trying to see what I can possibly make with that fabric when we don’t wear it anymore. This time (again!) I used a shirt from my husband that had a collar in pretty bad shape and could not be used anymore. I had this shirt for some time now, but was not sure what to do with it. 


The fabric is good and thick, so it was too good not to be used, but a bit too hot for the summer and on the other hand I had my girls bagging me to make something for their babies. This is something that was making me feel guilty, I confess. The girls like and wear the clothes I make them but what they really want are clothes for their babies and toys and I can’t blame them, they are still children and before they grow too much I decided to make them something to play, using this fabric. This is how dad’s old shirt became a doll sleepsack!


Making things for the girls to play was even one of my sewing resolutions for this year and the only one that I hadn’t achieved so far, so it was about time! Some time ago I purchased a pattern and a book with projects, but in the end I used a free pattern, the Lua sleepsack for dolls from StraightGrain, that I had downloaded as soon as it was released, but once again, was waiting until now :-) For this project I used only the shirt sleeves (still have plenty of fabric!), a tiny bit of a fat quarter that I purchased when I started sewing and the fabrics for the lining and piping are scraps from other projects. The only thing I didn’t had was the bating.

  IMG_4026.1a  IMG_4031.1a 

Except for the piping the sleepsack was easy and fast to sew. The piping was not difficult, but was time consuming because there were a lot of curves in such a small space and after that part it was really fast. The only change to the original, was using Kam snaps instead of buttons.

  IMG_4037.1a IMG_4042.1a


  1. So sweet! Clever way to repurpose the shirt.

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  3. Lovely!! Great refashion, I am sure M and F loved it!


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