Refashion Month with Conversas de Hermanas

Today I welcome Rita from Conversas de Hermanas, for her second time in the series. Just like the previous portuguese guests, she's part of the special Refashion Week, with some of my most dear portuguese sewing bloggers. When I first started reading Rita's post, I couldn't help but laugh, she does call me Queen of Refashion often, it still makes me blush. I just love this lady and her always good energy. Today, she's not only sharing a refashion, she is sharing two. Wanna see?!

I don't call her Magda, I like to call her for her correct name: Queen of Refashion! 
I'm really happy to be here today (it's the perfect excuse to use some of the clothes and stuff that's on the pile to recycle).
BEFORE (a skirt I bought in India many years ago and that I never used since I was back, too heavy and too shinny for my day to day)

The pattern was quick and easy (Moku shorts, by Tadah). It's a size 12 but with a black ribbon waist it was just perfect). I should be done in no time... Oh no you don't Rita!!!
It was a nightmare... so many beads and mirrors. 

First I forgot to take them off and broke needles on the machine. Then I took all the ones near the seams off and the others started to fall apart, cos they were all sewed with the same line. It took me a long time to sew by hand so many beads and mirrors and stuff... BUT AT THE END IT ALL COMPENSATED! Here am I... going out for dinner with friends!


No! It's not over... 
Teresinha was in desperate need for some summer shorts! When I cleaned my wardrobe a few weeks ago I found a shirt from my mother. The fabric was the perfect light, soft, worn jeans... (Here you will have to believe me, because I remember taking pictures of the shirt on my small mannequin before tearing it apart and I cannot find it in anywhere... sigh...)

She used it almost everyday on our short trip to Italy...

Teresinha's Tunic/Top was a quick sew the night before we left on vacation, she needed something fresh. No pattern just eyeballed the measurements on some liberty fabric, maybe it was not such a good idea for such nice fabric but at the end it turned out exactly like I wanted!

Sry for the long post...  Have fun and enjoy the summer!

Check out what the amazing people below did...

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  1. Pls count me in for all your refashion series... I want to see the end of the pile of recycling (does it have an end?!?!) LOL

    1. You got it my friend. Isn't it so great to see a piece turned into something else much cuter?! love ya

  2. Your shorts look f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s! Totally worth it! And your daughter is the cutest... Great eye you have, the top looks perfect!

  3. The shorts turned out so cool although I believe it must have been a nightmare, I agree that it was worth it ;-) And Teresinha shorts turned out really cute!

  4. Looove the shorts! That fabric is something! What a great refashion! Teresinha's shorts are tunic are adorable!


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