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DIY BABY TOYS |Tutorial|

I've been MIA lately. It's not that I haven't been sewing, in fact I have done a lot, I just haven't been blogging. I am trying to get back to it slowly though, and just to kick off I am bringing home a guest post from last year. Enjoy!

Hello Sew McCool readers. My name is Magda E. and I blog over House of Estrela. Today I am here to show you how to make a baby toy on your own. I have to tell you though, that I made a commitment with myself, I will not buy any fabrics or other supplies because I have too many already... well, actually, after a couple of years sewing from what I have, my stash is quite smaller now. so, everytime I make something, I use from what I already have. For this one, I have used a scrap from a baby shirt and a small stuffed dog (we got years ago from a very well known fast food chain). 

If you have any fury fabric, that would look good. I had this one and a plain white one as choices, but I went for this one, because I think the contrast would b…

Holiday Cutout Dress & Top |Pattern Tour|

Today I am happy to be part of the Holiday Cutout Dress and Top Pattern Tour. The very first tour for the designer Melissa Prendergast from Bella Sunshine Designs, and in my daughter's opinion this was one of the most fun things I made her recently. So I guess it was very much approved. 

I think the idea behind this pattern's design was really good. A simple and easy to make top or dress, that can become quite unique and so appropriate for the different holidays that we have through the year thanks to the feature of 6 different cut outs to make your holiday outfits shine bright. Each one of them comes in different sizes and there are instruction to use them as appliqués instead of cut outs. Check the other ladies in the tour (below) to get some good inspiration. 

It was really easy for me to chose the cut out I wanted to use. You see, my last name, Estrela, means star, mixing it with the hubby's, my kids got "brave star" as surnames. I couldn't find a better…

Baby Shower

Today is going to be a happy day.
We'll be making a friend cry, but in a good way, I promise. It is a surprise baby shower for Patrícia. She is such a sweet, attentive, loving and generous person. Remember our last group post, when we all shared the things we made for charity? Then you might also remember that she was the one that got us all sewing those things. Our dear friend is expecting her second child, another girl. We couldn't have it any other way, so get ready to see all the goodies everyone made, not only for the little princess but also for her bigger sister, because bigger sisters deserve some extra love too.

Let me start with the little one. And the little secret I have been hiding from you. Back to KCW in February, I told you I had started two little dresses. I didn't show them back there, because they were both gifts for friends that read this blog. They were both Geraniums. I shared the first one here, and today I can finally show you the second one. If I k…

My first Geranium

Now that I know my friend has recieved it, I am already free to blog about one of the cutest little dresses I've made lately, without spoiling the surprise. A little Geranium, newborn size for my friend's baby girl. 

This pattern was on my to do list for quite a while, but because I only have the free version, I had to wait until I had a newborn girl to sew it for. I was so happy when I knew my friend A. was having a daughter, I knew I'd be making this one for her. 

So, baby L. is born and over a month old already. How come?! And I'm so sad they live so far, I won't be able to see her wearing this. But I hope she wears it (she's big!!). I made the pattern my own and didn't even look at the instructions, so please don't ask me feedback on that. I really only used the pattern pieces. I've added a peter pan collar, well, actually I've appliqué it. It's a fake collar, sewn into the dress, only in the front. I added a vintage button in the middl…

Around the World Blog Hop

My dear friend Patrícia from Pequeno Mundo a 3, invited me to be part of the blog hop nearly a month ago. I was so busy back then, and then got so distracted that I haven't posted it until today. This reminds me, that many  many months ago (August?!), Pam from Threading My Way had also contacted me to take part of a blog hop, but although I said yes, I never did! Bad bad girl! =(

Anyway, Patrícia has became a great friend in the last couple of month, I am sure you'll love her blog full of beautiful photos, sewing projects, and a lot of love. Pam is already well known here in this little blog of mine, right? She's a great refashionista and a very giving person. Thank you both for thinking of me. 

I am supposed to answer a few questions, so here we go... 
What am I working on? At this moment I have a few things going on. I am finishing two baby doll acessories but I can't tell much about it yet, I need to add buttons to a dress and I just printed a new pattern for a tour.…

Charity Sewing

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Eu sei que já estamos em Março, e eu aqui vou-vos falar do Natal, mas acreditem que é por uma boa causa. Há já alguns anos que, por essa altura, escolho, pelo menos, um projeto solidário do qual possa parte com as costuras. O sentimento de dar a quem mais precisa é uma das melhores experiências de sempre. No último Natal, antes ainda de eu ter procurado por algum projeto a decorrer, a minha amiga Patrícia propôs-me a mim e a mais algumas amigas, costurarmos para os meninos e mães da instituição Mom's & Kids. Esta instituição particular, visa apoiar o núcleo familiar, e com capacidade para 16 utentes, acolhe mães e filhos e ajuda-os/guia-os numa reintegração social. Fomos várias as bloggers (visitar links abaixo) a participar desta iniciativa e reunimos hoje em posts, não só para partilhar o que fizemos para oferecer a esses meninos e suas mães, mas principalmente para divulgar a instituição. Não deixem de visitar o site da instituição, ou a sua página d…

Mara Blouse |Dress|

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Marte, the designer from the pattern line Compagnie M. She was the sweetest, allowing me to pick one from all her patterns, not asking anything in return, apart from blogging about the result. That's a fair trade I believe, and picking one pattern, well, that was the hardest part of the deal. I chose the Mara Blouse after all. I had seen so many, and a few of my blogging friends said only good things about it, so I wanted to give it a try.

It was KCW when I cut the pieces for this, and the theme was upcycle, so, pretty much what I usually do anyway. I used a man's button up shirt and a woman's XL shirt. I was donated the first and bougth the second in the thrift shop. You might recognise it from this post. The Mara Blouse starts at size 1 and goes up to size 10, it comes with four different sleeve options (sleeveless, butterfly, flutter or long sleeves - this one was my choice, it is finished with an elastic through the hem), and …