Sew Many Books: Victoria Plum Goes Fishing

Bringing home a guest post today, in case you didn't see it back then.

I am so happy for the chance to be part of the Sew Many Books series hosted by Emily over Nap Time Creations. I remember following it last season, and enjoying it a lot. It was such a surprised to be invited to be a part of these this time too. =) 

So, as soon as I knew I was going to be in the series I started thinking of a book. It was wasy. I picked one from my childhood. It lays in my daughter's shelf of books nowadays, it's almost 30 years old, some pages were ripped apart, and I wrote all over it when I was younger. The book is from Victoria Plum's collection by Angela Rippon. Does anyone know this little fairy? I remember I loved this book just so much, and I believe it was one of my very first ones if not the first. I only have one from the entire collection, a random book my mom bought me. The title of this one is Victoria Goes Fishing. 

Then I had to actually think of an outfit inspired by this book. At first I thought it'd be fun to make a more fairy like outfit for G. but then I came back into reality. She would never wear it after the photoshoot, I know my little girl. So, as always I tried to come up with something more urban and practical that could get a lot of use. And I ended up with this.

How I came to this? Well, I used the main colours in the character, white and red purple (yes, I googled it to be sure of the colour name). Also, I realised there is a crown of flowers in the cover of the book. There. Colour and flowers. Those were the choices and started point to make my outfit. And here's a closer look for you. 

I refashioned. Of course. Unfortunately, I lost the photos I took to the original pieces, but I can tell you I used left overs from a white t-shirt I had previously cut for a different project and a red purple top of mine that was stained for the shirt. For the pants, I used the sleeves from a jacket I had in the refashioned pile for a few months. It happens that the floral pattern on it matched the colours for the shirt perfectly. 

I used the Tinley Tee pattern for the shirt. It's the second I make (after this one which was part of GYCT's tour). This is such a perfect pattern to go to, and I love the fit. And I didn't use a pattern at all for the pants. I just cut the sleeves from the original jacket and placed already existing pants on top of them to cut. I used a band for the waist, with the red purple fabric from the top to match the shirt. the sleeves were just enough for these and I am afraid this is a sign for me: your child is growing and pants from sleeves will be a mirage pretty soon

Since the title of the book was Victoria Goes Fishing, and since I live in a fishermen's town (becoming a little more touristic lately) we went for a fishing themed photoshoot. We tried to take photos with some men fishing on the background but G. wasn't playing along and nothing worked as we planned. Luckily for us, there is a great graffitti artist in town, his name is Sen and we found some themed pieces from him, that would work wonderfully with what I had in mind. 


  1. Linda! :-) adoro o novo look!

  2. Gosto tanto das fotos/scenario!!! O kit ficou um maximo :)

    1. Obrigado Rita. Estes graffitis ficam escondidos numa zona industrial onde os barcos descarregam o peixe. Adorei quando os vi...

  3. Que bem que ficou o blog assim! Parabéns!
    Este outfit está o máximo! O tecido das calças é mesmo muito giro.
    E claro, é impossível ficar indiferente ao cenário. Mesmo muito bom!

    1. Obrigado Marta.
      As calças eram as mangas de um casaco lá dos anos 80 ou 90. Ainda tenho o bodice do mesmo para fazer qualquer coisa dele. ;D
      Já disse ao meu V. que quero tirar um dia para correr a cidade e tirar fotos aos graffitis pois há imensos de alta qualidade (quase todos do mesmo autor, o Sen - há pouco tempo deram nova cara a um chalé que está às portas da cidade, ficou super original).

  4. Bem pensado!! ficou um conjunto muito giro :-) Adoro esses livros e não encontro cá para as minhas crianças!!

    1. Obrigado. As calças nem por isso mas a blusa tem tido imensa rodagem. Este molde também é muito bom como básico.Eu por cá tb nunca mais os vi, mas se os encontrar compro para as tuas princesas.


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