Refashioned Girl Briefs |take 2|

Do you remember these? Well, back in November was my cousin's daughter 4th birthday and she told me the little miss needed some new underwear. This happened right after I made my daughter's briefs, so I thought, why not? Let's make some for Didi too. And I did, 3 pairs for her. 

I finished these last minute before I left the house so I took the photos before ironing. That's why all the wrinkles here. 

I used 2 shirts that my mom had given me just a few weeks before. The purple and the pink. For the third one, I used left overs from this refashion and the bands were made from scraps from what was one of my first refashions many many years ago, it once was a t-shirt of mine. 

Didi is 8 months older than G., so she's a little bigger is size too, not much but a little. And she doesn't like her underwear to be too tight, so I risezed the self pattern I told you about before to fit her, so the shape from hers and my daughter's is the same. I haven't done any others ever since, but I have been saving some more girly onesies that long time don't fit G. and sooner or later I will give it another go.

Now, would anyone be interested in having these briefs pattern?! 
If there are a few, I will scan them and share (for free, of course). 


  1. Magda!!! I love the new look of your blog!!! So clean and fresh.
    Did you do it yourself?.
    I love the undies too:)


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