Kids Clothes Week |day 5|

After posting yesterday (late, very late at night) I decided it was a good thing to take clothes out of the closet where I keep my to be refashioned clothes to search for the perfect thing to use as a new Phresh Blazer. It took me a while and I have made a huge mess out of my sewing space, but at least I found it. It was a suit so I had plenty of fabric for the whole thing, it had sleeves, it was just slightly stretch and a very good quality fabric. I worked more than one hour on this today, but I can't precise how long exactly because I did it in parts. I know I cut the pattern pieces from one single part of the suit so I spent a little trying to figure out how to best cut it, then after lunch I had the back of the blazer ready and by noon, all that there's left to do is attaching second sleeve and add bias to the hems. Tomorrow, my daughter's friend will have a brand new blazer done. *big smile on my face* I didn't even touch the Mara blouse today, I was too excited about the blazer to be honest. 


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