Kids Clothes Week |day 4|

There's just one thought in my mind right now. It is exausting trying to sew along with KCW, plus all the rest going on in one's life. I didn't get to sew anything today. I did use my one hour for the matter, but it wasn't actually sewing. I changed my sewing plans for the week. My daugher's best friend (first one!) is having her 4th birthday these days, and that's an awesome excuse to sew another Phresh Blazer. I spent a long, long time trying to figure out how to display the pattern pieces in the fabric just to find out that I am not one to make miracles and no matter how many turns I'd give it, that blazer just wouldn't fit in the piece of fabric that I wanted to use. I then searched through my refashion piles and I got frustrated because the way I last organized them isn't that good after all, it is hard to reach a lot of the pieces and they are not all easy to see either. That's important when you are looking for something very specific. I don't want to use a light fabric, I want something that's rather stiff, with a little amount of stretch, with sleeves... and on it goes... it's not being easy so far. 
Before that, I was able to cut a Mara Blouse. Unfortunately the skirt wasn't enough for the sleeves and I will have to sew them in a different colour. I am crossing my fingers that I will like it after all. 


  1. Don't fret Magda, the things you did with your children today are longer lasting than clothes. :-)
    Sandy in the UK


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