Kids Clothes Week |day 2|

And I am still happy! I didn't cut anything new today - which was in my plans - but I did manage to almost finish one of the dresses (it is so close, but I am not sure if I want to finish this during KCW anymore). I was also able to almost finish the Rowan tee I am sewing for S. Why didn't I? Well, I ran out of matching thread, and from all the greens I have, no other would even come close to this fabric. I need to get some more to continue this project. The shirt only needs the sleeves hems to be finished and the hood should be attached too. Then it's done. The pants are ready. Those contrasting patches were a last minute decision... But I will talk (more and detailed) about each piece after I get some decent modeled photos (probably only after KCW). 


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