Kids Clothes Week |day 1|

Today's kicking off kids clothes week, again. I am determined to sew a few items through these next days and I believe I am off to a good start. I don't have a  finished item yet, but that's ok, because I was able to sort through patterns, assemble and cut more than one thing. I've actually started by cutting two dresses, I used fabric from my stash for the bodices, but the lining is made out of white sheets. So it counts as upcycling - of course, not only do I want to sew along this week, I must respect the theme (upcycle) or it wouldn't be me, right?! Then, from a shirt from V. I was able to cut a Rowan Tee for S. and I had enough left to cut a pair of pants too. Happy! Now I have to go and sew these all! I have more things in my plans so I should not waste precious hours while the kids are asleep. You should expect a week of daily posts (but I can't promise I won't fail), but not always a finished garment. 


  1. Uau! Tanta produtividade, que bom! Também vou fazer uma rowan tee para o kcw, usando uma camisa de ganga e uma T-shirt velhas. Estou com muita curiosidade para ver o teu resultado. Boas costuras!

    1. lol... obrigado Diana! tenho de ir espreitar os teus últimos posts mas não tenho tido tempo para tudo, só vejo o bloglovin' a acumular posts e mais posts não lidos! Já publiquei a minha e já vi q tb já publicaste a tua. eu adoro este molde!


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