TOP 5 of 2014 |day 5: Goals|

Welcome 2015! 

To close the top 5 (posts) of 2014, I chose to do a post about the future. The future things I want to do in this new year. I am pretty bad following goals, but I promise I will do my best to get them done. 

#1 - Sew more of what my kids need, and less of what I am tempted to.

#2 - Sew more for myself. Because I am the mom and I deserve it.

#3 - Sew for the husband. Well, I guess that if you sew for everyone around you, the man in your life might feel a little out of equation, right?

#4 - Sew presents ahead. And I mean, birthdays, special days and X-mas gifts should be sewn with weeks ahead.

#5 - Sewing for my house. Pillows, baskets, rugs, covers, bags, etc...

|Can I add just one more thing?! Now that I am done with pregnancies and breastfeeding, I want to get a 6th tattoo: A SEWING related one!!!|


  1. Wow! Great goals! What kind of sewing tattoo??!! I am intrigued!!

  2. Love your final comment "done with pregnancy and breastfeeding" - it resonates!! Here's to LOTS of sewing in 2015!

    1. Thanks Vicky! Wish you a happy 2015 and yes, a lot of sewing too.

  3. Acho que vou copiar todos os teus objectivos para 2015!!! Menos o ultimo... Odeio agulhas! LOL
    Um excelente 2015... porque tu mereces! :-)

    1. LOL copia à vontade, vou gostar de ver! Mas tu tb tens bons planos que eu já li noutro sítio ;)


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