An Everyday Tank Top... for myself! |Pattern Tour|

There's a very good thing about being a petit size. Sometimes I get across a few girls patterns that go up to bigger numbers (12-14-16), and most of the times one of these will fit me. It is a fantastic thing to make mommy and me looks.That's not what I did here though. Today I am joining in for the last day on the Everyday Tank Top and Dress Pattern Tour. This is Serger Pepper's latest pattern. 

The Everyday Tank Top and Dress, comes in a 3 lenght option; a tank top, a short dress and a maxi dress. If you've been following this pattern tour, then you probably already know how versatile it can be. Some fellow bloggers have made amazing boy versions out of it, and they have been adding hoods, long sleeves, and more... you really should check on everybody else's versions.

Irene mentioned she'd like to see a boy's version or an adult version of this for me. I kept going back and forth between these two options. But, I didn't have that much fabric available for a boyish version, not even from t-shirts to refashion. I then thought about making the maxi dress for myself, but I didn't have enough fabric for that. I bought this feathers fabric not long ago, - I broke my commitment of not buying new fabrics for a couple of times lately, but that's another story.I wanted to use it, and it would have been enough for the maxi - if it wasn't for the fact that I didn't have another matching piece of fabric, that was long enough. I had to go with the top then. The same day I bought the feathered fabric, I bought this lace too, which I had hoped to use for the formal dress, but I didn't use it after all, and realised it'd go pretty well with the main fabric I had picked. 

I thought it was an interesting and original idea. No one else would do the lace, of course! No one would have thought of that! How wrong was I? When I read the pattern instructions (after choosing fabric) I was surprised with Irene's covarage on all options that you could do with this pattern, and guess what? She suggests lace side panels! Buhhh for me and so much for my originality! hehehe... Irene suggests to use another fabric for lining when doing the lace option, but, I didn't though. I am layering it with a black top instead in these photos, for a bit of modesty. 

Anyway, this pattern goes from 3T to 14T and I made the largest size for me. I am usually smaller than that, but I am breastfeeding, so I opted for a larger size. I recently realised summer is finally over and this top will have to wait for warmer days. I probably won't be breastfeeding anymore (I didn't go past 9 months with G.), but that's fine for me anyway. I love that this top is perfect for moms too, easy to wear with jeans or leggings - my two best friends. The side panels give this top an unique touch and a lot of options to costumise.

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  1. Your top looks fabulous, Magda. Love the lace and a great idea to wear a black top instead of lining.

  2. You did such a great job! You look adorable in it too.

  3. Giro! Tão bom fazermos coisinhas para nós! Já sinto falta, confesso...

    1. Obrigado amiga. Pois eu quando comecei era só para mim que fazia, agora não me dá tanto gozo como costurar para eles. Mas pronto, de vez enquanto sabe bem sim... e este tecido, gostei TANTO dele que TINHA que o usar para mim... =)


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