September Wrap Up

I can honestly tell you that I didn't feel this month passing by. When I realised, it was October already.  I love October, it is the month I was born, and I believe this month will go so much better here in this blog. 

So, what was up last month?! Not much... I was in the pattern tour for the Tinley Tee and Love me knot shorts by GYCT... was a guest over Crafting Con creating a daily wear look inspired on Princess Sofia from Disney... and, I was also part of the series Sew Many Books. Click in the images to take you to the original posts. 

I skipped the Pinterest Challenge this month, I was too busy working for the tours and guest posts to care to cross any pins from my list. I guess I won't make it every month... but I will, every now and then. It's always better than nothing. 

I'll leave you with the glimpses from our weeks... If you missed any and want to sneak - again - just click the images. 



  1. Também tive esse sentimento, Setembro passou a correr, aliás, acho que o ano todo passou a correr! :-)

    1. sim, concordo, foi mesmo o ano todo. está a fazer um ano que engravidei e o S. já vai a caminho dos 3 meses e meio!

  2. O mês voou! E ano está a passar rápido demais, não há dúvida!...


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