When everything goes missing over here!

I usually spend most of my mornings online. Wasting my time, going through blogs, fb, e-mails, etc. Today, I took G. to daycare, went on buying some zippers and came home determined to continue working on some pillowcovers I was ordered. I pinned the first zipper to one, and went to my machine. Was just getting ready to change my zipper foot and start sewing when I realised, my zipper foot went missing. 

I don't know why it keeps happening to me lately, but apparently, in every single project that I put my hands on, something goes missing... It started with the snaps, which I found the day I got my post up. I bought two more colours by the way, and can't wait to add them to the onesies (one and two) I made for my baby boy and were still snapless. Then, I lost the elastic for the romper I did for G., and that one hasn't appeared yet. To finish that romper, I had to reuse some elastic from some old tights. 

Today, as said above, was my zipper foot. Because of this, I was able to organize my entire sewing/crafting space. I've put everything in the right place, some things were waiting for that for months. It felt good. I was looking for the zipper foot as I went but I wasn't that worried about it though, I have another sewing machine which foot I was counting on. I found it, and am ready to start working now. I have no clue where that other foot went to. I wonder if any of my cats decided to play with it and its hidden under any furniture or something?!

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