Let's talk about (piles of) clothes

It's been quiet here in the blog. I am 32 weeks long by now, the weather got warmer, and I feel more and more tired by the day... 

I've been sewing - a little - though. But most of all I spent a lot of time doing laundry. Lots of it, until I started to notice some water was coming out from the back of my machine and flooding my kitchen floor. It took us a whole week to get the problem solved and yesterday - finally - everything was ok again. Now there's a whole lot of laundry to do, because, even though I had washed most of what I had to, the pile grew in a week of impossibility to do any laundry at all. 

But why did I have so much laundry to do in the first place? Oh yes! Guess what?! I was donated lots and lots and lots of clothes. I have gone through it all, I first washed and fold it all, then count it. There were 89 pieces total (not to mention the ones I've put away to donate after a first selection as soon as I got home). My refashion pile has grown a lot and I don't want to keep it in stock for too long, I already have some ideas for someof the pieces I got. I might even make my first fedora hat... Some of those clothes went straight to my closet as they were, and some are waiting for me to get my after pregnancy body to see if they even fit me at all... the rest, of course, is part of the refashion pile right now. 

With the warmer weather, I've also been sorting through G.'s clothes, putting away what doesn't fit anymore, so many winter clothes. I've donated so many already and try to sell others, but I am not yet ready to part from my handmades. Not yet! It's funny, I can easily donate my own stuff, but I just can't pass away the things I did for her (or the baby once he grows out of his pieces too). The good news is that LOTS of the things I made her, are growing with her, and others are perfectly suitable for her brother to wear. 

I do have too much clothes in this house at the moment though. LOTS of bags, and boxes, and clothes on every single piece of furniture. I don't want my refashion goals to become too obsessive and lately I've been wondering if all these items and the "I won't give it away because I can turn this shirt into a pair of leggings" aren't cluttering too much already?! I guess I am feeling overwhelmed and I need to get rid of some of these bags of clothes. Actually I just took 3 bags to a charity shop on one day plus 5 more are waiting on my car to follow. They were mostly pieces from this last amount I was donated and G.'s clothes that actually still fit and some that don't... (you just wouldn't believe how many shorts my G. has - hence giving away things that still fit - and no, I am not talking about handmades). 


  1. I was wondering if you were delivering that baby of yours yet! Glad to see you have been busy:)
    I love the new look of your blog, btw. And I love how you did that photo of the the clothes!

  2. so many clothes! Glad your washing machine is fixed.

  3. I love a good sort out, but don't think I've ever really gone for it in such a way!! Hope you sell well too, in return for all the good clothes you are giving away:)

    1. I am always going through the clothes. I get donated a lot every change of season because people know I like to turn them into new things, this was bigger this time because I am having a boy and was keeping all the gril clothes from my daughter and I was donated a really BIG amount of pieces.


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