Spring Showers Jacket |Tested and Approved|

Today I get to share one of the items I enjoyed sewing the most in the last weeks passed. And I have been sewing a lot of things I liked, so you can have an idea. The talented Heidi from Elegance and Elephants has just released her latest pattern.
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And I was a pretty lucky tester. This kind of garment's pattern was missing in my collection, and I've been eyeing her patterns for long. I still can't believe I didn't miss the testers call (I often do) and that I was picked to test it. I couldn't be happier, and let me just say, when it comes to pattern piecing, Heidi has just become my hero! It was so easy and quick that I was sure I was messing up somehow. Well,I wasn't! 

The pattern calls for a waterproof fabric, which I didn't have in my stash, and as you all know by now, if I don't have it, I will probably not go and buy it before I hardly search what else can I use from my stash (destashing at all cost!). I found this black one. It's not heavy, waterproof or that resistent. It was an elegant table cloth I bought in a sales from a decoration shop, because it would be perfect for a corset. 

So, why did I use it? Because the corset was never made, and many years have passed, and then, because it looks waterproof at first sight. Nailed it then! For the lining I used another very light woven fabric that was donated to me, many years ago too. It's a lot of it, and so far I have only used it for the linning of this dress:

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I made the 2/3 size for my daughter, it is the smallest in the pattern and I thought it'd be too big on her, but actually nope, it wasn't. The sleeves are too long but I love how we can just rolled them and let the linning showing. Also, I think the hood is a bit too big for her, but apparently it was for most testers and Heidi has changed it for the final pattern (remember mine is a test piece and little details were improved). 

I love how professional it looks and I'm sure I'll be making her another one when she grows out of this one, and maybe more - hubby says he still has to get used to the new level of my final pieces - I blush and feel proud, and I know I have to thank all the designers that make this wonderful patterns and tutorials. I have been using pattern magazines for years, but some things are just too hard to get from them, and the independent designers make it so clear, with all the detailed information and pictures. So, to all of you that design and are reading this: A BIG THANK YOU!

PS - yes... G. is also wearing the Parisian look from my latest blog post. 


  1. Oh I love it! You did a fabulous job!! I love that fabric too.
    I am due to sew one up for the tour. It was so good to see that it doesn't have to be waterproof to work!
    Awesome Magda. I can't wait to see what you make for week two of the competition!

  2. So, so professional, Magda!!! No one will ever believe this jacket was once a tablecloth. LOVE it!!!

  3. Parabéns pelo trabalho Magda, ficou fenomenal ;o) e trés chique ;o) Ninguém te pára ;o)

    1. Obrigado Susana. Gostei imenso deste molde. Adorei o resultado final.

  4. So cute! Everything you make is so cute!

  5. Love the jacket Magda! And that dress is DARLING!


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