Notes to Self #1 of 2014

So, again, I started a new year hoping to sew more from my personal fabric stash and refashioning piles. Four months have gone since the first day of the year, and I've been trying to figure out how good/bad I have been doing on my personal challenges. 

If I don't miss anything (and I try not to, by writting down all I have been sewing) I have accomplished 51 new pieces up to the day. 25 of them were refashions, 22 of them were made using fabric from my stash (2 of them used both refashioning and new fabric), 5 were made with new fabric bought this year already, which means that this fabric didn't last long in the stash pile, which is gorgeous, of course. 

As for what I bought: 5,5 meters of fabric (total) which costed me 11,65€. And (and here's the salt in my wounds) I've got 31 "new" pieces at the charity shop (4 of them bought today actually), spending 27,45€. It makes a total of 39,10€ in four months, so not even 10€ per month

But I consider I saved a lot too. Because I made 51 new pieces, you see?! At a cost of less than 1€ each comparing with what I've spent, and it was more than 10 items per month (though, a great part of these were sewn in the last month alone). 

From my new (bought this year, I mean) thriftings, I was able to use 7 pieces as they were (no need for refashioning or anything, 5 for G., one for me and one for my mom). I was able to refashion 8 other pieces, so from the 31, I got 16 left to work with - added to the pile. Not too bad I guess, since I've also used pieces that were there coming from previous years too. 

There's only one question left to answer? Who have I been sewing for? Let's see, who got more... 

My daughter is in the top of my "sew for" list, I made her 20 items; 10 for myself; 8 for my baby boy; 4 for my niece L; 4 accessories (things that aren't clothes); 2 items for my niece M.; 1 for my nephew; 1 for a friend's daughter and, 1 for my mom.


  1. I am close to you! I have made 53 things so far this year and sewed up 62 yards of fabric. Not all was from my stash. I bought fabric in January and some in February, and then I had to buy some last week for costumes for my kids. I finally got my sewing room cleaned up on Sunday night (no fabric on the floor…yay!), and I got most of my fabric on my shelves. It feels so nice to be able to walk around my room again without stepping over piles! :)

    1. Really close indeed! I have been following your blog and it's been crazy how we both can't say NO to sew and sew and sew like there's no tomorrow. We must be a little crazy, right? But I get such a pleasure out of sewing, I can't stop.
      It's a wonderful feeling to see our craft spaces organized. I just got a few bags of clothes (donated) and I am wondering where the hell i will keep it all... it's just too much...

  2. Yay for you! That is so great that you kept track. I have always wondered how I fare with using what I have vs. bought. You should be proud. AND you sewed so very much just these past few months, you amaze me:)

  3. I love that you use so many items for refashions! That's one of my sewing goals for the next year as well, although I don't think I'll be as successful as you :)

  4. 51 peças em 4 meses?! Wow! Eu bem digo que és uma das minhas heroínas da costura... :) E é maravilhoso conseguires fazer isso tudo com tão pouco e sempre com o objectivo de reaproveitar!

    1. Até a mim me pareceu mentira, mas sim, 51 peças! Acho que ando a tentar fazer tudo antes do baby nascer. lol Este mês porém tenho andado muito calminha. Desde estas contas ainda só fiz uma t-shirt para a G. e cortei as peças para mais uma para o S. e outra coisinha para ela.


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