Fashion Revolution Day: Handmade #insideout

Just like many other bloggers, today I took the pledge to wear one of my handmade items inside out. Today, is the first Fashion Revolution Day, which I have told you about a couple of weeks ago. The movement started in response to the collapse of the textile factory Rana Plaza in Dhaka, Bangladesh which happened one year ago today, and we all are trying to raise awareness of what's going on behind the factory clothes we buy. 

In our house, most of our clothes (mostly for me and my daughter, and now for the little boy in that belly) are hand-me-downs, thrifted or handmade. I haven't been buying new clothes for about two years, unless a few exceptions. I can sew! And that helps a lot, but if you can't, and have to buy your clothes, why don't you try to know a bit more about who made them and how they made them? What conditions do that people have to work?

Read more about it HERE


  1. I love being able to say that I don't buy clothing new, it feels so good and keeps our budget open for more experiences- something I value significantly higher than "stuff"... happy fashion revolution! <3

  2. Happy Fashion Revolution indeed! Great dress and thanks for helping to spread the word.

    1. Anytime. It's a pleasure to help even in a small way to great causes. =D

  3. Your dress look so lovely inside out! Thanks for joining the revolution! I hope we can make great changes!


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