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Notes to Self #1 of 2014

So, again, I started a new year hoping to sew more from my personal fabric stash and refashioning piles. Four months have gone since the first day of the year, and I've been trying to figure out how good/bad I have been doing on my personal challenges. 
If I don't miss anything (and I try not to, by writting down all I have been sewing) I have accomplished 51 new pieces up to the day. 25 of them were refashions, 22 of them were made using fabric from my stash (2 of them used both refashioning and new fabric), 5 were made with new fabric bought this year already, which means that this fabric didn't last long in the stash pile, which is gorgeous, of course. 
As for what I bought: 5,5 meters of fabric (total) which costed me 11,65€. And (and here's the salt in my wounds) I've got 31 "new" pieces at the charity shop (4 of them bought today actually), spending 27,45€. It makes a total of 39,10€ in four months, so not even 10€ per month. 
But I consider I save…

Pattern Testing

After the sewing storm that went through in this blog for the past few weeks, I was feeling sad I couldn't show you more. I haven't stopped sewing. I have some nice things to show you, but they are kinda secret yet. 

I was happy when a designer I tested for, told us we could start showing some of the tests we did for her. This is a pattern that will be out pretty soon, for now, I will leave you with a sneak peak of it, and soon, I will show you more, on model and the second one I did (also while testing). 
I have something else done with that polka dot fabric... but again... you'll have to wait to see it... And yes, I have been sewing projects that are neither black, white or red... I notice a tendency here, don't you?!

Challenge Create |Adult Edition|

This is the last week. Today the votes are open and they will be running through the weekend. If you haven't yet and want to support your favourite's (me or any of the other ladies), don't forget to go HERE and vote. This is the last week to do it!

Fashion Revolution Day: Handmade #insideout

Just like many other bloggers, today I took the pledge to wear one of my handmade items inside out. Today, is the first Fashion Revolution Day, which I have told you about a couple of weeks ago. The movement started in response to the collapse of the textile factory Rana Plaza in Dhaka, Bangladesh which happened one year ago today, and we all are trying to raise awareness of what's going on behind the factory clothes we buy. 

In our house, most of our clothes (mostly for me and my daughter, and now for the little boy in that belly) are hand-me-downs, thrifted or handmade. I haven't been buying new clothes for about two years, unless a few exceptions. I can sew! And that helps a lot, but if you can't, and have to buy your clothes, why don't you try to know a bit more about who made them and how they made them? What conditions do that people have to work?
Read more about it HERE.

Challenge Create: Adult Edition |week 4|

This is it, the fourth and last week of Challenge Create. It has been great but I have struggled this last week. The theme was “Destash”, and well, that is exactly what I’ve been doing for the last couple of years, so this should have been an easy week. But I’ll be honest! It wasn’t! So many things went wrong. My pregnant body is getting bigger and bigger and all the sewing I’ve been doing lately, all the hours up late (not only because of Challenge Create but all of the other challenges I decided to step up to), it all has started to weight and I felt so tired (Braxton Hicks all the time too), so for a couple of days I didn’t do anything. I just couldn’t. Then on Wednesday I had visits for lunch, and some family came over for Easter and my sewing time was so limited. But I made it!

I really thought I wouldn’t be able to have an outfit done for this week’s entry. I even considered giving up on the pieces I was making and start all over with something quite simple. But, even though I fi…

Sneak Peak

Tomorrow I will be sharing my last look for the Challenge Create Competition.  Phew! Curious to know what I made?  Here's a little peak at my belly and creation, but you'll have to come back tomorrow for the whole look. 


I'm happy to share, another feature of one of my creations over at Threading My Way. 

This time with the baby outfit I did for S. 
Click picture to take you to original post. 

Challenge Create: Adult Edition |week 3|

What a week! What a theme!

When I first knew the themes, I was very excited with them all. Then I started to feel depressed about this third week. Vintage... a hint of it... so many possibilities, so many great things I could do... if I wasn't pregnant. No matter what time from the past I'd pick to get inspired by, there were always garments I was sure I couldn't turn into maternity wear. This would be the week I'd go back to the era of the corsets. Did I ever mention how much I love them? I am pretty sure I did. But, there's no way I can fit into a corset right now. I went for a 50's inspired look after all... Just a bit... 
I tried my best to fit the look with the make up and hair, ahahaha... I have a lot of hair, and it's pretty wild, I rarely can make anything out of it on my own, so I am pretty happy with how it turned out after all. I've always, always loved the pin up look, but never believed I'd look good on it, because I'm so skinny. Be…

Tiny Little Clothes |PR&P9#4|

Last week of the ninth season over Project Run & Play and it means Signature Style everyone. Sewing along PR&P has helped me define what I'm all about when I sew for my kid(s!). I would always put a lot of thinking into this week's look, when sewing along with previous seasons, but this time, I was sure that whatever I did, was my signature, so I just did whatever I wanted/needed to do. 

Yes... I've realised I am pretty pratical and functional when it comes to dress my girl, and now the boy (on his way). I always try to fill gaps in the wardrobe, and sew from my stash or refashioning pile. That is absolutely part of me when it comes to sewing for them (or myself actually). And refashion I did again, of course. I did an outfit for the boy this time. It includes the pants I made during KCW and another onesie. I had planned two looks for this week, one for each kid, but I realised it was time to slow down a little. I started sewing her look too, but the top was left …

KCW |days 3-4-5 & 6|

Kids Clothes Week ends tomorrow. I have only blogged daily for the first and second day of it. when day 3 came, I started to feel tired, and as much as I like what I am doing here, I was forced to let it go a little. Rest a bit more than what I was doing. For day 3, I didn't even grab a pin for the entire day. But I still wanted to make something each day, for the rest of the week. Not all I had planned at first, but keep doing the 1h thing at least... (the hour I didn't sew in day 3 had already been used before, since I did well over 1h for the previous day and the one before too). 
On day 4 - I was able to spend the day hours sewing for my Challenge Create project, and only after bedtime I was in a mood for KCW sewing. I did some fabric pieces cutting, and started piecing my latest Small Fry Skinny Jeans. On the photo I show you how it was when I stopped and went to bed. 
On day 5 - I was able to sew during the morning and a little in the afternoon. The pants were nearly fini…

Challenge Create: Adult Edition |week 2|

If you haven't yet, go HERE and vote for your favourite refashion!|

This has to be one of my favourite themes from the challenge. After all, most of the things I make are refashioned on a daily basis, and I host a Refashion Series (now twice a month), so me, me, me all over it. 

However, when I went looking in my pile, I couldn’t find anything I’d really turn into maternity clothes, the only appealing thing to me was this long orange dress, original from the 70’s that, if I am honest with you, loved just as it was. But it was outdated, and I believe I’d be called “crazy” if I went outside wearing it. I picked it for my project. I knew exactly what I wanted to make out of it, and also that I needed something else to go with it. I had a very clear idea of what I wanted/needed so it turned out pretty easy for me. I didn’t have anything in the stash that would go with the orange so I went thirft shopping in my usual charity shop, and found a child’s size dress for 0,50€ (amazing, right…

Shortie Nightgown & Bloomers Tour

Today I get to have a spot in the pattern tour hosted by Chelsea from GYCT Designs. I feel honoured to be part of an amazing group of talented ladies that will share with you all, their versions of Chelsea's pattern Shortie Nightgown and Bloomers. It offers the pattern for the bloomers, and the nightgown, and this has the sleeveless option, or the puffed sleeves option. 

I picked the sleeveless option, short top and bloomers. And, I even made a matching headband. According to my daughter's real size, I should have used the 18 month old pattern, but I wanted it to fit during this summer (and if I'm really lucky, next year too), so I made the size 2. It's a little baggy but I like the fact that it has room to grow. 

Ahahah... Let me just start by saying we had a family photoshoot for this. I prepared her, daddy took the photos and we convinced our little model we needed photos of her sockmonkey doll, the one she never leaves behind ever since I made it. And this was one…

KCW |day 2| It's a boy week |PR&P9#3|

I made it! I was able to get a new outfit done for my baby boy... by 11.30 am... yey! Which means I still have time to start something else, but, later I guess. KCW so far, so good. 

But today's look, does not only fit my KCW plans, it also fits the 3rd week challenge of Project Run & Play, which is "Design your fabric". I took care of that part yesterday... I used a potato and fabric ink to print a piece of a white t-shirt. I've cut a potato an dused one of the halfs to crave my design. Then I used a ruler to make straight lines so I could print between them. I first painted the potato and just pressed into the fabric. Allowed it to dry and ironed to set the ink to the fabric. 

Today my fabric was ready to be used. Actually, by yesterday's evening it was dry already, so I was able to cut and prepare the patterns I wanted to use, and cut the fabric pieces too. I picked Sewing Mama RaeAnna's Cupcake Top pattern for the top and the Fancy Pants Leggings pat…

KCW |day 1| onesie for the boy

So, today starts Kids Clothes Week again. This time I decided to do things right, I've signed in the site when I read another season was coming, I have thought what I wanted to make, I printed out some patterns, etc, etc, etc. 
And it's funny, because the more I have on hands to do, the more I seem to get things done. Yesterday, after bedtime, I was able to make a plastic bags dispenser (an order for a costumer), finish up editing my entry for the second week of Challenge Create, and even cut the fabric pieces for the actual garment I sewn today. 

Today, the results from Challenge Create for the first week were up (and the link up for week 2 sew along is open too!) and I got a lovely second place, which I wasn't expecting (I was last in the viewers votes), and then I was surprised again when I knew - through a comment another blogger left me - that I won the second week's sewalong of PR&P. What a beautiful day! 

But it was also a beautiful day because it was warm …