Snow White Costume

A few days ago, I came here to tease you with my thrift finds. I told you I was going to make my daughter's Carnival costume and dared you to guess what was it from this photo... 

Congratulations... you all guesses well. 

But that was quite easy, wasn't it? 

I made her a Snow White costume and today's the big reveal - as if it was something that important... erhmmm... just play along 'k? As you can tell, I didn't use the velvet dress, I didn't find the courage to cut it. My mom was in love with it too when she saw it, and she also told me it would be a shame to cut it to pieces. 

I used the Bumblebee pattern by Sewing Mama RaeAnna as a base for this, mainly for the bodice, since I had to adjust all the rest to what I wanted. Because I have made a dress and a tunic for my daughter with this pattern before, I knew this would be the perfect fit I was searching for. 

Besides the items I bought at the charity shop, I also used a dress (to make up for the velvet one I didn't use), a pair of yellow pants (used as a layered skirt because the main one was too thin, and see through), a scrap of red satin and a piece of red tulle. Oh, some red ribbon too. I used the tulle on the linning skirt, hoping this would give a better look to the dress, more opened. 

It worked better than I hoped and G. is just so happy with her dress. She's wearing it today for the school Carnival party, and she wore it yesterday for a parade. 

If you wanna know how I made this, step by tomorrow, when I will be sharing a step by step to make your own. 


  1. Magda this came out so adorable!!! You did an amazing job! Does she want to wear it all the time, now? I would! LOL

  2. This turned out so well. I am glad she is so happy with it.
    Sandy in the UK

  3. That is adorable! I'm sharing on my page!

  4. Beautiful. You did a great job, I'm sure your princess was so happy!


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