My Carnival (and other) Costumes Round Up

And we've come to the last day of my mini Carnival series... if you just arrived here today, I've shared, for the past week the costumes my daughter wore this year and the last one. I also have put up two turorials to make two of them, Snow White and Sock Monkey. They were both refashions. Today, I am bringing a small round up of costumes from previous years. 

Not all of them were meant for Carnival. There's two Santa Claus Costumes (boy and girl) obviously made for Christmas. 

There's also a Flamenco Dress and a Flamenco Boy's Outfit that weren't made for Carnival either, but they are used as Carnival costumes around here too... I have blogged about them before. HERE

On top, there is a little Devil's Costume. I made it for a costumer last year and have never blogged about it before. My daughter was about the same age and I tried it on her to check the fit. She looked just too cute. 

Then you have the Sock Monkey Costume I shared with you (and tutorial) yesterday, followed by the very first costume I ever made. It is a Dalmatian Dog Costume, it is only a 3M size and it was made for my nephew, eight years ago. My sister still has it, so when G. was about the same age I used it to make a little photo shoot with her. Adorable! It's all I could say. But as I was checking it back, I was just too ashamed with the finishes in it. Eight years ago I wasn't that good sewing as I am today, and that is a huge prove. 

The Prisioner is my nephew's costume too... one of my faves I'd say. It turned out just too cute and fitted him perfectly. He loved it too. The same year, I made his sister a 20's Lady Costume (picture below), she was so happy with it and all the feather's it had (and lost too). 

And the last costume above, is the Ant Costume I made for G.'s first Carnival. Making her an ant costume was a family joke, and I have blogged about it, and also shared a tutorial too. HERE

Not on the pictures, I have also made a Minnie Mouse Costume for my niece last year, and many years ago, I made four adult Medieval dresses. I might have to search photos of these and share sometime in the future. it's all for the Carnival theme now. I hope you have enjoyed it and perhaps you found some inspiration for the next costumes you'll make. 


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