Carnival (sort of) Series

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The official day for Carnival over here is March 4th, next Tuesday. But celebrations have already started. On friday morning, some schools made parades with their classes. Each class usually picks up a theme and all kids are dressed up according to the theme, while others just go free. 

My kid's class theme was animals, and they have made their costumes too, but they didn't make it to their school parade because they are so young and two of the carers are away. I was sad when I knew about it, but at least they got to wear they costumes in school and play around. 

I am not one of the biggest Carnival lovers on earth, but I enjoy it too, so in celebration of the season, I have prepared a few posts for this week, according to the theme. I will be sharing how it was for my daughter is school last friday, I will share a couple refashioned costumes tutorials, I will reveal the costume I made G. this year and will also show you some of the past costumes I've made. 

I hope you all follow me in this mini-series of mine and enjoy the fun that Carnival is supposed to bring! 


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