Butterfly Costume for/from school

Yesterday's the official Carnival day here. But for my daughter is has started a couple of weeks ago when they started preparing it at daycare. 

In my child's classroom, each kid picked an animal to identify their stuff, and mine chose the butterfly. When Carnival was peeking through the corner, their teachers decided to choose the animals theme for their costumes. Each would wear the animal of their identifications. 

So, as I said, mine is a butterfly. I was requested to take a pink shirt and a pink pair of leggings. In fuccia pink. Well, she actually had both, but the tones of pink weren't really matching and I wasn't feeling like buying any of the pieces. What to do then? Refashion of course. 

I went to the usual charity shop and their had the right tone of pink (matching the shirt she already had) for 0,50€ in the form of a child's dress. I bought it with the idea in mind of transforming it to leggings, but then it had a little tulle ruffle and I knew the teachers were going to make a tulle tutu for the costume. 

I was already cutting when I notices I didn't take a before picture, so I did then. 

I took it to school and shared my idea with the main teacher. What if I did a dress instead and she'd wear it with some tights in the same colours as the wings (which they did at school)? She liked the idea, but then I realised that G. had no tights to match it so we went back to the leggings. In yellow for contrast. I knew I had a pair of (shorts) leggings of my own in yellow so I used them to rezise and make it for her. 

When I finished the whole thing, I took it to school to school together with the scraps and some pairs of tights of my own that I wasn't using anymore. One of them was the stars printed one that they have used to make the wings of the butterfly, which we all loved. The fabric scraps, were used to make the antennae. The school costumes were simple but they were all just too cute. 

As soon as she was outside and saw me and daddy, she was really dissapointed, telling us how she couldn't fly. The wings weren't working. She spent the previous day believing butterflies did fly because of their wings and now that she had hers, she couldn't. 
But don't worry... daddy and I found a way to make her fly... she couldn't be happier!


  1. Poor baby!!! Christian would always ask me "How do I fly?" - there's something about being a kid and wishing that you could fly! I remember having a dream that I jumped off my picnic table and could fly! It was awesome!

  2. How sweet, you did a great job!


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