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It is extremely hard for me to finish projects ahead and then have to wait so long to share them. I am the kind of seamstress that enjoys sharing whatever I create right away. But sometimes we compromise to other people, and sharing what's been made has to wait.

So, that said, let me tell you I've been like a busy bee, not only sewing, but sorting patterns, searching for inspiration... There are a few great things coming... have you heard?! Here are a few I can share for now... 

The 9th season of Project Run and Play is now starting with the introduction of the designers. The first link party will be open March 24th. Challenge Create starts March 31st, an adult sewing edition, organized by the ladies from Skirt Fixation

Themes for Project Run & Play (click link to read more on blog):
- Take me to the Zoo
- Spring Break 
- Design your own fabric
- Signature style

Themes for Challenge Create (click link to read more on blog):
- Inspired by Nature
- Refashion
- (a hint of) Vintage
- Destashing

Also, Kids Clothes Week is coming back (April 7th - 13th) with something new. It is a themed edition... Mini Me... And this time I am planning to do things right. I have signed in the site already, I am trying to pick my patterns already, and decide what I want to get done through that week. I hope I'll be able to share my creations on time too. I am planning to exclusively sew for the baby during KCW, and am trying to keep the list short, though it's hard. I get all excited and want to do it all, but I know that if I put high expectations into it, I might end up dissapointed, so let's do the best not to.

What about you? Will you be sewing along any of these too?


  1. I nominated your blog for a Liebster award :) Here's a link if you are interested:


    1. Thank you Teri... I will check it a little later. =D

  2. Hmmm, doesn't PR&P start March 24th, a week earlier than Challenger Create: Adult Edition? Not to stress you or anything!

    1. Oh, you're right. I knew that, I just wrote the wrong date on the post for some reason. I will correct that now. Thanks!

  3. Estava a pensar participar nas 3 séries, mas tenho andado a mil na semana passada e nesta semana com pattern testings... vou bater o meu recorde de peças feitas numa semana!... E depois preciso de férias!! (Humm... da máquina de costura? Não sei se consigo!! lol) Pelo menos esta semana não vou conseguir participar no PR&P... a ver se consigo fazer qualquer coisa para as outras séries... Mas vou acompanhar-te!

    1. Pois eu sou mesmo um bocado louca... vou competir, quero acompanhar os temas do PR&P, tb andei a testar moldes há uns dias, e tenho outro para a semana... ah claro e a KCW, tenho planos para 6 peças e acho que jé me estiquei... lol... não acredito conseguir tudo o que tenho planeado, mas vou tentar. A parte mais difícil é mesmo tentar fotografar e escrever sobre tudo. Pelo menos a 1ª semana do PR&P e do Challenge Create estão terminadas.... agora é meter mãos à obra para os outros temas. hehehe.... Obrigado pelo apoio.


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