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Small Fry Skinny Jeans sewalong - my version

I've always heard it's better late than never, and that's what I am doing again. I've been slowly (more than expected) sewing along with Laura from Craftstorming, for the Small Fry Skinny Jeans. She was so kind to share this pattern (size 2T only) for FREE, and has put a tutorial in a few separate parts, which is so easy to follow. It's a boy/girl pattern, but I went with the boy's. Yeah, I know I have a two year old girl, but I planned this one for a boy I know. 

What to say? Same as many of the sewalongers... they're too large to be skinny. It looks huge on my daughter (I've tried it on her to see how big they actually were - she didn't allow me too many shoots, but I got a few, I think you can see how big they are), but I hope they will fit the boy there were made for. I think they are perfect for skinny and tall children. 

As for mine... I refashioned! YEY! I didn't refashion for a while, I missed it! I used a large women's corduroy pan…

Operation Project 0$ 2013 & My Inspiration Boards

Did you know? Suzanne, over Winter Wonderings... Wanderings and Whatnot is hosting what might be one of my favourite series from the sewing blogosphere. And I am so honoured that she thought of me to make part of this, I'm a big fan of hers. It was actually really funny (for me at least), because I had posted something about creating a Fall/Winter collection for me and baby G. like two days before Suzanne contacted me. But that was posted in my portuguese mommy blog, which I don't think she follows. 

Check out this line up! CathGrace Feather's Flights House of Estrela Sutures and Sandpaper Shaffer Sisters Simple Simon &Co Chasing Mermaids Hideous Dreadful Stinky Stitched by Crystal Sewing Mama Raeanna Welcome to the Mouse House Alida Makes Max California Frances Suzanne

You can read about the origination of Operation Project $0 HERE or about this year's HERE. So, isn't that a great line up?  Aren't you excited to see what all of us will create for the closest to 0$ we can g…


Featured once again! I can't express in words how happy I get when I see that any of my creations has been featured in other people's blogs!!!

The Coffee Date Dress Sew Along

Humpffff! It is all I can say right now!
I just finished my Coffee Date Dress, the pattern that us ladies are sewing along at Project Sewn this time. I was all in and out, about sewing along, i started printing the pattern soon enough, but apparently there were other things that kept me busy until that moment when I was having a hard time falling asleep last night, I needed to make it, I wanted to link my version to the party too. 

Yeah, right! That sounds wonderful, but I was left with just a few hours to finish it... Although technically it is already saturday around here, the link party is still open. Yes, it is nearly 2 am, I just finished a dress, took a few quick snaps, still am wearing it and now I am blogging about it. JUST because I love this sewing community and want to join. Crazy, hum?

Well, I did a few changes to my dress, I didn't use the ruffles, just like my niece I'm not a ruffles girl. I used self made bias tape to finish arm holes and neck, and get surprised…

Small Fry skinny jeans Sewalong: I want in!

Visiting Max California blog, I got to know that Laura of Craftstorming is currently doing a sew-a-long for the Small Fry skinny jeans. I am a bit behind to join, but I want to, so I have downlouded the pattern already, must print it yet and then get started (tomorrow, of course!)

Little things that make me smile...

winning a giveaway...

being featured ...

The Bumblebee Tunic

In my previous post, I shared a few pictures of the tunic I made using the Bumblebee dress pattern. I was thinking about doing the "view A" version of the pattern at first, I even cut the fabric for the sleeves, but then I got thinking. This was my niece I was going to make a dress for. mmmm... a dress with ruffles on it. Ok, wait! I couldn't make a dress with ruffles for that 6 year old tom boy... I swear to you, she's worth than boys playing football, she's got a bulky voice, much too bulky for her small body, she doesn't play with dolls... so... you get the point. Don't get me wrong though, when she wants to, she likes to dress really girly... but no ruffles! So, I changed my mind about the desing half way the cutting. 
Since the days are still burning hot over here, and she likes tunics, I decided to make her one. This pink fabric was perfect for her. She likes pink unlike myself. This fabric was in my stash for a while now, mother-in-law gave it to …

Tutorial: How to add a seam pocket

I guess I started to really like RaeAnna after we competed together for The sew Off. After I was voted out, I was crossing my fingers for her. I'm glad we have been in contact after that, and I was really happy that I was able to test one of her patterns as I told you in my previous post
That said, I have to admit that I am terrible happy to announce that she has released her newest pattern: The Bumblebee Dress Visit her blog to know more about it. 

I have made 3 already! Yes, three dresses using this pattern. Well, one is actually a tunic, but that's just a small detail. The first you were able to see in my previous post, second and third were done with the final pattern, which is the one you get when purchasing it. I loved working with this pattern. 
I will save the third for another post and jump to my third version, for a little reason: I have put a tutorial together on how to add pockets to this dress - in my case, tunic and would like to show you already.
I will only m…

Got to test a pattern!

I've been wanting to test patterns for a while. And now that I have, I realised I love testing more than I had imagined. It's such a fun way to learn, and the rush of having it done by the deadline is what I really need to keep me busy. Like my V. says, I always work better under pressure... or almost always. 

So, I got to test Mama RaeAnna's latest pattern... The Bumblebee Dress, which you'll have to admit is a.w.e.s.o.m.e. and will be available to purchase soon. I tested "view b" (there is "view a" as well) size 2T and no doubt this was the better fitting sizing-age appropriate pattern I have tried for my little girl. 
On to the dress... since it was a test dress, and I wasn't really sure how I'd work with a test pattern (first time remember?!), I didn't want to use one of my most loved fabrics. Instead I went for pink. I don't usually like pink, actually I usually avoid pink unless I am asked to. I don't even know where on ea…

Made by my mother I

For my niece's birthday my mother made her this cute little crocheted bag. It's made of a wonderful dark green, with some of the girl's fake jewellery, which I believe, gives it an adorable look. 

My mom came in for help to me to finish this though. She needed some fabric for the linning and a zipper too. Of course, not only did I handle her the materials she needed as i ended up cutting and sewing the lining as well as adding the zipper. 
My niece loved it and has been using it proudly! Sometimes I wish I knew how to knit and crochet the nice way - I can do a few stitches but I am definately a cheater when it comes to these, but then again, I already have so much with the sewing...

Blue & Green Diaper Pouch

I haven't got much to say about it today. It was just an order I got, my client wanted a diaper pouch, not too big, just to carry two or three diapers she said. She sent me a picture of something similar to what she had on mind, but wanted the handle to be slightly different. I finished it yesterday and sent her a picture. She approved it, it was exactly what I expected she said, so I am really happy. Like I always am when a client is satisfied with the work I made. That's one of the most important things for me. 

Lovely Surprise (featured!)

Pam from Threading my Way left me a comment telling me she was featuring my onesie refashions in her blog, what she didn't tell me was that House of Estrela, was her week featured blog! Such an honour!!! Thanks again Pam! You made my day!

PR&P Season 7 is coming!!!

Did you read the news? A new season of Project Run and Play is around the corner, and the ladies over there are looking for a designer to fill one spot left. When I read it I was excited, I've been hoping for a new season soon since I really need some motivation to sew lately. I have a few ideas but it's been hard to turn them real. 
Anyway... I can't wait to know the themes to start working on it!!! When I read about that one spot to fill, I first didn't think of joining, I probably (most certainly) won't be selected, I mean, I'm sure there will be amazing people that will try to get that spot, and although I know I have about 3 pieces I made that could possible make it, I don't feel that confident. 
But I will link one of my outfits still. Most of all, because that will bring new people to visit my blog, and I love "meeting" new bloggers. I loved all the interaction from the previous seasons that I sewed along, so I can't wait for all that …

JULY Refashion Month Wrap Up (and flickr features)

This month has come and gone so fast. All through July, I had creative and talented guests sharing a refashion project they have made, a tutorial (or a few of them together), their own fave refashion projects... you name it!). Today I am sharing a wrap up, just a few pictures from what's been shared, make sure you go through all the links to check all the posts.   Week 1
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Week 3
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