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Refashion July Month Series

Have you checked the great line-up we've got for you in July?

House of Estrela will be having amazing guests all through the month and now I am calling for you. Yes, YOU!  All of you who have seen this announcement and wished to be part of the refashion month!  It is your chance to have a place and join the fun. Just let me know about your wish to be part of this by sending me an e-mail (edc_magda (at) hotmail (dot) com). Write REFASHION JULY in the subject, please.  My weekends will be dedicated to sewalongers that would love to join and share your creations.
You will also be able to join by uploading your refashions to the flickr group that will be up in July. 

M(a)y Mending Month IX

Today I'm sharing just a small mending project. Last year I made my first flamenco dress, for my nearly one year old, as I mentioned here. Back then, I also made the nephew's pants and suspenders. And, took one ruffle off the niece's dress because it was too long.  One year has gone and the Romeria week time came again and you know... kids grow!  I had to sew the ruffle back to my niece's dress... and I did it all by hand. The dress was at my parents in Spain, and I couldn't fix it until I got there last friday evening. That's a lot of ruffle to sew by hand - let me tell you! I also had to fix my little one's dress. I ripped the last ruffle off, and added a small band all around in order to attach the ruffle to it again, giving me extra lenght to the dress. The nephew's was just fine. A little too tight already, but at least I didn't have to put my hands on it.  I left planning to make myself a flamenco skirt next year. Not sure I will, but I have …

M(a)y Mending Month VIII

I'm still not sure if I call it mending or refashioning. The thing is, my mom was given a Tintoretto dress, but the elastic on the back was too old and had lost elasticity. Besides, she didn't really like the fit. She wasn't sure if she wanted me to fix it for her or just give it to me, so I could turn it into something new for baby G.

The fabric was great, I loved it at first sight, so I didn't want her to give up on it that easy. I suggested to turn it into a tunic instead and she aproved the idea.

A few days ago, I finally took care of it (she wasn't waiting for too long though), changed the elastic on the back, and cut it from dress to tunic, hemmed and voilá! Easy peasy! And I still had a nice amount of the amazing fabric to try and turn it into something for the little princess.

80's Inspired look

No need to say:  I went the punk way!
I've put so much thought about this week that I nearly ended up with no time to join the week's theme sewalong over Project Sewn. At first I wasn't really sure I was going to do anything for this week, as I mentioned here. I really couldn't think of anything for this week. At least anything I would happily wear on a daily basis. 
Anyway, since I was getting short on time, I went the refashion way after I find a little inspiration point to start with. 

After looking at some pictures of the 80's a flash lighted in my head. It was also the decade of the sub-cultures! DAHHHH... how couldn't I think of that before? How?! Still can't understand how I couldn't remember that before. I've been a bit of a freak myself in the last few years, so of course I would pay homage to the early punk years... 
I looked for pieces I could use, and I found a t-shirt my loverboy wasn't using anymore and I loved too death. Don'…

There are so many ways to help...

When I reached my e-mail box this morning, I had an appeal from Suzanne Winter  to help the victims in Oklahoma by sending them our sewed items. You can read more about it in her blog.

As always, my heart is with those suffering, seeing their lives devasted by something they can't control.  And of course I want to help too... I don't know about sewing something to send, because the post offices tend to take weeks to deliver something from here to the USA, but I am surely sharing this here, hoping to reach others that will able to help. 
<div align="center"> <a href="" title="Flickr group"><img src="" alt="Flickr group" style="border:none;" />

Main Page Grab Button:

<div align="center"> <a href="" title="Pattern …

M(a)y Mending Month: Simple Invisible Stitched Hem Tutorial

First of all I'd like to apologise for the flash pictures, but  lately I have only been able to sew in the evenings, after G. is in bed - the problem is she has been refusing sleep, so she ends up sleeping much later and I end up with no time at all unless I'm up until 1a.m. on a daily basis. 

On my month's challenge, I've been mending clothes from the mending pile - which was getting way too big. I had (and still have a few) a lot of classic looking pants to hem. Here's how I make those, always by hand. 

And you're done. Any doubts and you know you're free to ask.

Project Sewn and my own thoughts

This is 80's themed week at Project Sewn and as I try to decide (yet) if I join the sew along or not, I just had to share my thoughts hoping some of you will tell me back your own opinion about it. 
The 80's were rebellious. I was born in the early 80's. 1983 more precisally - actually by the end of 1983. When I thought that maybe I should join this week's sewalong, I found it funny to do something inspired at a picture from the year I was born. 
But then again. Seriously? Who, in right concious would do anything from the 80's? Ok, there are some acceptable pieces but most of them use colours I would never use... no way... and the shape? Oh Jesus, that shape... The 80's were creepy in my point of view. 
Then I tried to think/recall some of my mom's clothes from that time and get inspired. But all the clothes I can recall I would never wear either and can't find a way to recreate them now. 
So, if I join this week's sewalong, I am pretty much gettin…

M(a)y Mending Month VI

Didn't I say it was mainly pants I had to mend? I wasn't kidding, I guess by the end of my challenge, if I get to fix all of the pants in the pile, I'll end up with more than double of what I already had...

Three more pairs here. Look how great they fit me now?!
I had to take in the waist in all three pairs and had to hem too. I was given the first and the third, and bought the red skinnies after having my daughter, all this time I've been just folding the hems and wearing a belt to keep them sort of in place... oppsssss... I'm really proud and happier to use the now, and I do that all the time since I love my red skinnies!!!!

Here's a closer look to my mendings. I forgot the sew the loop back on the white pants (the one in the middle), and I hand stitched the hem for this one with an invisible stitch - my personal favourite way of hemming classic styled pants. Sorry the hem picture is a bit blurry. 
The red one look ok on the outside but I was sewing a sort of…

Features make me smile!!!

It was a nice surprise to see that I got a new feature again today! This time over
especially because the featured dress, was meant to enter The Sew off competition hosted by Amy, if I did make it to that week's theme. =)

Newest Feature!

The sweetest Shaffer Sisters have featured my top and dress =D

M(a)Y Mending Month: Folded Hem Tutorial

In my previous post, I told you that I made a folded hem on my pants to keep the original look. 
This kind of hem is really easy to do and adds a special detail to your finished piece. Today I am going to show you how to do it. 

Start by measuring the length you desire your garment to be. I needed to cut about 11cm from mine. Then go unpicking (1) the original hem. You'll be faced with a folded mark (2) and that's from here that we will work.  In picture number 3, I am showing you how it looks outside. Press (4) it all flat so you can work better. 

Let's work on the inside of your pants. Measure (5) how much distance from the folded mark (11cm in my image) up to the desires length of your pants. Measure 2cm down the folded mark (6). Then cut on that line (7). Fold your pants to the inside, using the upper line to guide you (8), and do some wide stitches just to keep it in place (9). I usually use pins but I figured it was much easier to do it this way in order to get a be…

M(a)Y Mending Month IV

Time for another mended piece. This was a great find. My sister works in a clothes department, and sometimes she can find us some very cheap clothes. This denin pants were one of those. They were 3€. I bought two pairs just because I couldn't decide which ones I liked best. These are darker, the others* are a little blueish(er).
What was the problem with them? Well to start the zipper was broken. It almost made me leave them here. If there's one thing that scares me is changing zippers. I don't fear adding them to a new garment I am sewing, but it just freaks me out when I have to change one. Go figure! 
The thing is, I avoid the task... like  a l w a y s ! This time though, I thought it'd be a good opportunity to improve my skills, and face my fears. I even had the perfect zipper I had saved from one of V.'s pants that I had cut to do baby G. something. 

Apart from that zipper, the only thing it needed was a new hem. I'm short, really short so I always have t…

M(a)Y Mending Month III

I haven't done this now, but I thought it'd be nice to share with you. 
I bought this old looking jeans, but it happens that they´ve frayed and got a hole too big after just a little use. Since they are skinnies and tight, it would look like I had a piece of flesh wanted to run out of the hole. I didn't like it at all. 

So, I thought of something to fix it, and this is what I got: I sewed with a zig-zag stitch, a piece of black lace in the holes place. Voilá! Now it's wearable again, everyone loves it, and it's become one of my favourites (no kidding, I am wearing them right now!).

The Black & White Striped Dress

As you might know by now, the lovely ladies from Project Run and Play, have recently launched a sister site that goes by Project Sewn. It's sort of a similar thing, but instead of kids sewing, this one is about selfish sewing, it is: sewing for ourselves. 
The first season/competition has started just a few days ago, and the rules are a little different from the ones over Project Run & Play. The first theme is Black and White, and here's my contribution... 

I really enjoyed all their weekly themes when I first read them last month, but I didn't mention anything about it here, because I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to sew along this time. I hoped so, and hoping was all I could do. You see, Spring is supoused to be a wonderful thing, right? But not in our home. Daddy suffers a lot with allergies, and he gets moody and stressed and it infects me too and I lose all my sewing disposal. 
So, I am really, really happy that I have finally done something I was plan…

M(a)y mending month II

I have a 21 year old niece. And she buys a lot of clothes everytime the season/fashion tendency changes. So, after each season, I always get a lot of clothes from her. The problem is that most of her clothes won't fit me on the boobies. She's an L and I am an XS. Which pretty much annoys me when there is something I really like.

Lately I've discovered I've got a thing about greys and browns, so I just couldn't donate one of those shirts she gave me. Here's my solution to fix the problem... 

I don't have a picture of it finished, (sorry!) but it looks just great.

M(a)Y mending month I

As said before, this is the month I decided to go through the huge pile of clothes waiting for any kind of mending. There are mostly pants. I have a very thin waist and pants fit me well everywhere but always have to be a little taken in the waist. Since mending isn't really my favourite thing to do when it comes to sew, some of them have been waiting for years. Yes, you read it right, years. Some I never got to wear! There are also button shirts with too puffy sleeves, tunics to be hemmed, seams to be done, etc etc etc. 
Today I am sharing one of the easiest things I had to do, and kept posponing for years... so you can see how much I hate mending... lol ... now, honestly, I don't understand why on earth it took me this much to just do a few stitches. 
I had these lovely pair of pants that fits me so well, I love the colour, the fabric, the shape, everything. It closes with a button placket on the front, and right under the placket there's a few stitches that used to uni…

July Refashion Month Announcement (Edited)

Have you been wondering about the Refashion Month button on my sidebar? Maybe you've seen it in some other blogs?! I will tell you all about it now.

Last year, I had a Refashion month in July here at House of Estrela. It was something small, most of anything, something personal. I did have one guest though. I have enjoyed it so much, and ever since my love for refashioning has only grown bigger.
So, YES, I am planning a new refashion month this year. Again in July, but this time around I wanted it to be bigger, much bigger, so I have invited a few of my favourite refashionistas and bloggers. Of course some of them couldn't make it. I was actually afraid most of them would say no to my invitation, so I couldn't be more honoured to have all of those amazing ladies sharing their skills with us. I can't stop thanking them enough for dedicating their time to my blog event.

Curious to know who's in for the challenge? Here's the line up!

Max CaliforniaAlida Makes -…

Self Challenge for May

You know how I love a good challenge, don't you? So, when I looked to the pile of clothes I've been acumulating because they just need a little fixing I made my mind: I had to dedicate a whole month to mending those pieces. and I've started already. I will try to share as much as possible of those little fixing into my clothes... Did I mention I just  h a t e  mending? It's going to be a good challenge for me!
Oh, and by the way... my Flower Fairy Dresswas featured at Pam's Threading My Way! Thanks again, Pam!

Knock it off |sew along|

So, I told you about this dress I've been sewing lately. What I didn't tell you is that it was a knock off I had planned when I started it back in January. The KCW was the starting point for me to get my hands on it again, and the knockoff series over Heidi's blog was the perfect timing for me to show the finished product. 
It was done yesterday after dinner. But I thought it was too long, and unpicked, cut and pin in place again. I didn't feel like continuing sewing after that and only finished it this morning. It took me about 5 minutes. 
The inspiration (original) piece was the dress romper from the cathalogue from LaRedoutte. It costs 59,99€... I really liked it, but there's no way I was going to pay basically 60€ plus postage to order it. Especially when I could hit it for free! No cost at all. Oh I am so lucky I can sew some. 

I'm so sorry I haven't got a better picture of the original. =( But I guess it's enough to compare, right?!

I did make a …