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16 things you didn't know about me

After reading Maegen's post, I suggested that she should have given a number to her readers too, so we could play along with it in our blogs. A bit later, I got an e-mail from her, she gave me the number 16, so here's sixteen things that you might have not known about me before (or maybe you did):

1 - I'm half Portuguese and half Spanish.  2 - Though my first year in school was in Portugal, the first language I learnt how to write was Spanish (the next year).  3 - When I was about 5, I had dozens of people around me, trying to get my foot out of a wheel. I ended up in the emergency room.  4 - When I was younger, I used to say I wanted to be a mother by the time I was 19.  5 - Although we announced a wedding, I and "husband" have never done it after all. We're together though.  6 - I had planned to become a mother by the time I was 23, but fate didn't want me to, and I was forced to "wait" until I was 27.  7 - I love tattoos and I have got 5 of …

The Bumblebee Dress Pattern Tour & Giveaway

I've already said a lot about the Bumblebee Dress Pattern by Sewing MamaRaeAnna, but that's never enough or too much. If you still don't have your own pattern, RaeAnna has it available for 5$ until the 18th, or you can try your luck on the giveaway below. 

As I mentioned before, I was a tester for this pattern, and I fell in love. What I like best, is all the options and possibilities from this pattern. 
my first Bumblebee view B, my second Bumblebee turned into a tunic with pockets (find a tutorial to add pockets to this pattern here), and the unblogged third Bumblebee - just a peek for now
So, I am really honoured that not only I was able to test the pattern, I am also part of this wonderful tour. Seriously, have you seen the dresses that the other ladies in the tour have been sharing? There's a lot of creativity going on... Make sure you visit them, after reading all about my latest Bumblebee, which I confess, it's my fave of the 4th I've made. Actually, tha…

The Bumblebee Dress Pattern Tour

Last monday, the pattern tour for the Bumblebee dress by Sewing MamaRaeAnna has started and it will last until the 15th. I was one of the lucky testers for this pattern. I loved it so much, I did 3 dresses in just a couple of days. I have shared them here, here and a little turorial to add pockets to it, over here. The third dress was never blogged about. I will though. Don't worry, especially because it is one of the cutest little dresses I've ever done. I will also be part of the Pattern Tour, so if you want to check out what I did, step by on the 13th to see what I have for you. And make sure what everyone else has made with the pattern. 
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Pocket Sling Tutorial

Back in September, I guest posted for Tasha over I Seam Stressed, while she was adjusting to her new life as mom of two. For that post, I've put up a tutorial on how to do your own pocket sling. Today's, I am bringing it home, since all we think about now is Christmas and all the handmade presents we have to make, i think this should be a good idea to gift a new mom or a pregnant relative/friend in your life. Enjoy!

Since my appearence here is due to Tasha's baby boy's birth, I thought I'd come up with something every mom should have. Especially when they are still newborns (even though I used mine until my little one was around one year old, then she just wanted to walk everywhere and we slowly left it aside). I am talking about a baby pocket sling, of course.

I prefer pocket slings over ring slings by far, it gives me a better sense of security, but that might be just me. And today I will share a tutorial on how to do your own.

So, the first thing you have to do is…

Maratón Telaria | 2. Knits |

Again, on the deadline to enter the sew along group, here I am with my own entry fot the Maratón Telaria challenge. This week's theme, as you read in the tittle of this post, is knits, and I wanted to participate, but also wanted to do something that was quite easy and quick. 
For some reason, I've been feeling a little unmotivated to sew, and been leaving lots of planned sewing behind. Anyway, since I wanted something easy and quick I immediately thought I'd have to refashion, of course. And so, I grabbed a very large sized knit shirt that my mom brought me a while ago, it had been handed down to her neighbour and all the unwanted clothes always end up here, for me to choose from them all. I always have a good stash of clothes to recycle thanks to them. 
the real colour is the one on the little girl, which picture was taken on daylight
All I had to do, was to cut new, much smaller sleeves from the original ones, then cut resized front and back pieces. Stitched everything …

The Dreaming of Spring Blazer | day 4 of the Sew Along |

It's the first day of my sweet November, and our final entry on the blazer sew along. Yes, we are finishing it today. There's not much left.

New to the sew along? Here's what we've been doing...
day 1 
day 2 
day 3

Today is time to attach main fabric an linning together, and add the final touches. So, let's start by pinning main fabric piece and linning piece, with right sides together. The sleeves will be facing out on both pieces. Sew all around the edges but leave an opening on the bottom to turn your piece around. Turn it around. Pull sleeves, lining inside main fabric. Fold about 3/8" in each sleeve, and press it. Pin it and sew with an invisible stitch.
Close the opening you left on the bottom with an invisible stitch too. Press your blazer everywhere it need a good press, including pressing your lapelson the front. Put button placket pieces right sides together and sew. Make sure to clip the rounded edges, turn it around, press and add a stitch if you wan…