|Refashion Runway| Week One: Plaid

It is here. The second season of Refashion Runway is on going, I am a contestant and today I am sharing my first entry (let's hope it's not the one and only... hehehe).

This week's theme is Plaid, when I knew about it I was pretty happy, that meant I could sew one outfit only and enter two of the challenges in line, since it also fits perfectly the 3rd week theme of Project Run and Play. 

Let's talk about what I did though... Obviously, it is a refashioned outfit. I started with this:

I had these pants saved for a while, they were mine and I had bought them when I was still studying. We had to use a grey uniform and they suited the task perfectly. They were comfy and warm, since it's made of a soft wool. I had this saved with a note attached to it (turn it into pants for the little miss - it said). Mmmm... turns out I didn't want to make just another pair of pants for her. I saw potencial for more, and I came up with the shorts suit idea:

I started by cutting the shorts pieces. I used a self drafted pattern. I've been using this a lot, it is officially my most used pattern ever, it is the fifth time I use it and all those shorts look quite different.

For this I only used the bottom of the pants, I still had quite enough left to make the vest. Let's focus on the shorts first though.

Contrary to the 4 others I made before, this one has a waist band with a fly at the front. It closes up with a (showing) big black button (which matches the big buttons from the vest, though it is a bit smaller than the other 3), and two little snaps that are hidden when it's closed. 
I also added an adjustable waist elastic because my daughter is getting tall but skinny, so most of the other shorts she got for her birthday would not stay in her waist. This solves that issue. I used the pants original waistband for the shorts. I only had to cut a bit of this out, and adjust the side loops. 
For the side pockets and decoratice cuffs, I used a small scrap from a fabric I had for years. I actually would have loved to use it to line the vest too, but it wasn't nearly enough. 

So, I was happy adding a little detail to it using a tiny bit of that fabric that I still had left, and using leftovers from a white sheet for the linning instead. 

I traced the vest from an exisiting one and I really thought this would be too big for my G. and I was happy making something that would fit next year. After trying it on her, I wasn't so sure. It fits perfectly already. I believe she'll be able to wear the shorts next year, because of the adjustable waist, but I can't be sure about the vest. 

On with the vest... I added a front pocketwith the scraps. I was going to make it plain but it was a bit yeloow(ish) and as to cover it, I chose to add a bow to the pocket. I used 3 big black buttons on the front, that match the shorts button as mention above, and at the back I used a buckle that I had saved from an old bag I dismissed long ago. It allows me to adjust the vest fit too. 

Here's a few more shoots of the whole thing put together. G. was picking grapes at her grandparents and having a lot of fun. For the photoshoot she's also wearing a refashion shirt I made her for the Candy theme week over Project Run & Play. HERE

And that's it! Don't forget to check out my fellow competitors over Refashion Runway and vote for your favorite. 


  1. Os calções e o colete ficaram uma fofura, dão um ar colegial e os detalhes a xadrez mais largo conseguem tornar a peça ainda mais bonita. Adoro a combinação de xadrez preto e branco com vermelho, faz-me lembrar quando era criança pois era a conjugação que mais usava. Beijinhos ;o)

    1. Obrigado! Eu confesso que gostei muito mesmo de vê-la com o fatinho. As fotos fomos tirar em casa dos avós e todos se derreteram ao vê-la assim vestidinha. Foi no mesmo dia que tirámos as fotos do post anterior e tds concordaram que com este estava bem mais gira! hehehe... com este calor fiz a miúda vestir isto!!! Mãe má! beijinhos

  2. Magda, this outfit is adorable! I like it so much I am brainstorming fabric options to make it boy appropriate. This would be such a cute church outfit for my boys.
    Good luck in the competition. I cannot wait to see what else you come up with!

  3. super cute - Love it!!! And how did I not know about this 'Refashion Runway'?!?!?!?

  4. This turned out very cute! I love that you refashion clothes for your children! Blessings and the best of luck to you!

  5. I love it! Such a great re-make!

  6. This little suit is just adorable. So well made!

  7. Wow, can't believe this outfit is from a pair of pants - really cute!

    1. Thanks Renee! I've actually used a few more pants before, they usually end up as new shorts... the vest was a "new thing" from pants.

  8. This is so cute! and that bow pocket is really sweet!
    great job Momma!
    with love,

  9. Que coisa tão amorosa!

    Magda, tu tens umas mãos fantásticas :)

  10. awwww a girl vest! Lovely!! I love the shorts and vest look. I went with the classic plaid pjs for this week...

  11. It's so cute! The outfit is great, but I totally love the little shorts! Great job! Good luck in both competitions!

  12. So cute! I just love the plaid vest and shorts! I'm wanting to make my girls some for this winter. :D

  13. I LOVE an upcycled outfit that you can't tell is upcycled!!!! Awesome!


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