Pocket Sling Tutorial

I am guest posting for Tasha, over I Seam Stressed today, since my appearence there is due to Tasha's baby boy's birth, I thought I'd come up with something every mom should have. Especially when they are still newborns. I am talking about a baby pocket sling, of course.


  1. Just a heads up that this style of carrier is not safe. The baby's body curls forward causing the chin to touch the chest causing labored breathing and possible suffocation. It is much safer to use slings/carriers that keep the baby close to your body and in an upright position. Here is an informative link: http://wrapyourbaby.com/blog/2010/03/baby-carrier-recall-and-wrap-safety/ -Ann

    1. Ann, I really appreciate this information. However, I have used one of this slings since my baby was born, she was always tight to my body still and her body was never that curled. The mother/father that uses it has to make sure it is the right size, and the position you put your baby in also counts.


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