Fancy Pants Leggings from Titchy Threads

I was lucky to be one of the testers for the bigger sizes of the Fancy Pants Leggings from Titchy Threads. Well, actually, isntead of leggings I went with the shorts because it was still very warm in here when I made them, and I did them in a size 7 (though I went down 2 numbers on the waist) as Laura advised me to. And I'm glad I followed and sticked with her instructions. The shorts turned out the right size for my nephew. 

I used two knit shirts to make this. Now let me tell you, although I did sew my share of knits, I've never felt that comfortable about them. And this garment, required me to sew with knits. There was no way to run away from it. So I did. I used a red shirt (you've seen what I did with its leftovers here), and another green one, 10 years size I believe. 

The shorts were a very easy and quick sew. I had no problems at all with it. And again, Laura's instructions are the greatest ones I've ever come across with (as I learned when I sew the skinny jeans using her free pattern and tutorial). She has included a cheat sheet, for those more experienced seamstresses, and that's what I used to sew mine, since she told me she needed feedback on that. It was pretty clear, and I loved testing it for her. 

Now, the bad thing?! My nephew didn't like them. I even thought he wouldn't allow me to take his pictures with it on. My sister looked at them and commented they looked like cyclist shorts and that's how she convinced him to put them on. She also suggested to should add some foam to that panel and turn them into real cyclist shorts. Something I haven't yet, but wen to the to do list. 


  1. Very cute! I can see them even shorter to be like boxer briefs.
    You do a great job with knits! (I LOVE your refashion runway project!)

  2. Padding the panel to make them into bike shorts is a brilliant idea!


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