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Bubble Shorts by DoGuincho Pattern Tour |and some great news|

Today is my turn to show you my version of the Bubble Shorts; which pattern has been recently released by Marta from DoGuincho. I was really lucky, and feel honoured that Marta invited me for her blog tour.

Let me start by saying I really liked the shorts when I first saw them over at DoGuincho's blog, in their first version. And when I knew they'd make great winter shorts I even liked them best. But I always thought, that it was the kind of garment I most likely wouldn't be making for my child. I mean, I loved it on her kids, just didn't think I'd love it in mine. Does it ever happen to you?
... (and) Boy, was I wrong? ...

So, even though I thought that it would be a garment I would probably not sew for my kid, I was excited to be part of the tour and get my hands on it. In my mind, I was going to use it to make a few Christmas gifts. But then I started seeing all the versions other bloggers in the pattern tour were making. And weren't all of them so cute and …

|Refashion Runway| Week 2: Emerald

Warning: long post, heavy on photos!

For this week's challenge I was a bit lost. I love emerald, but I had refashioned my emerald pieces already (if you're new here, you might want to know I made a challenge of not buying anymore fabric or clothes for this year; - for those who follow for a while, sorry I am mentioning it again). I made a pair of pants for my kid out of a women's pants first, and then I turned a very old and dated dress/skirt/whatever that was, into a lovely mini dress I'm terrible in love with. 
So, I turned into my own wardrobe, hoping to find something with that color. I found the dress I mentioned before, a tank top and a dress I made from scratch a few years ago. It's this one:

The refashioned dress was out of the list. I loved it too much to just refashion it again. This one was an option. I mean, I love it, but I haven't been using it much lately... And that fabric? I love that fabric... I even thought about cheating! AH! I still have lo…

Fancy Pants Leggings from Titchy Threads

I was lucky to be one of the testers for the bigger sizes of the Fancy Pants Leggings from Titchy Threads. Well, actually, isntead of leggings I went with the shorts because it was still very warm in here when I made them, and I did them in a size 7 (though I went down 2 numbers on the waist) as Laura advised me to. And I'm glad I followed and sticked with her instructions. The shorts turned out the right size for my nephew. 

I used two knit shirts to make this. Now let me tell you, although I did sew my share of knits, I've never felt that comfortable about them. And this garment, required me to sew with knits. There was no way to run away from it. So I did. I used a red shirt (you've seen what I did with its leftovers here), and another green one, 10 years size I believe. 

The shorts were a very easy and quick sew. I had no problems at all with it. And again, Laura's instructions are the greatest ones I've ever come across with (as I learned when I sew the skinny j…

Pocket Sling Tutorial

I am guest posting for Tasha, over I Seam Stressed today, since my appearence there is due to Tasha's baby boy's birth, I thought I'd come up with something every mom should have. Especially when they are still newborns. I am talking about a baby pocket sling, of course.

|Refashion Runway| Week One: Plaid

It is here. The second season of Refashion Runway is on going, I am a contestant and today I am sharing my first entry (let's hope it's not the one and only... hehehe).

This week's theme is Plaid, when I knew about it I was pretty happy, that meant I could sew one outfit only and enter two of the challenges in line, since it also fits perfectly the 3rd week theme of Project Run and Play. 
Let's talk about what I did though... Obviously, it is a refashioned outfit. I started with this:

I had these pants saved for a while, they were mine and I had bought them when I was still studying. We had to use a grey uniform and they suited the task perfectly. They were comfy and warm, since it's made of a soft wool. I had this saved with a note attached to it (turn it into pants for the little miss - it said). Mmmm... turns out I didn't want to make just another pair of pants for her. I saw potencial for more, and I came up with the shorts suit idea:

I started by cutting t…

My candy girl

It's candy week over Project Run and Play, and at first, I wasn't really sure I would be able to sew along this week. I couldn't think of anything else but costumes when I thought about candy. Then one night, I had an idea, and I wondered... What is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the word candy
The answer is:

Then, it came to mind that I had bought a striped shirt in a thrift shopping a few months ago. That would be perfect for the look I imagined. Well, I didn't go all crazy about this week. I didn't even create a total new outfit (she doesn't need it, remember?), all I did was a new sweatshirt that I just love. 

To make it, I used two shirts. The one with the stripes and (actually leftovers from) a red boy's sweatshirt, I had cut to use in a short's pattern I've tested and might blog about one of these days. From the red shirt I had only sleeves and top left, and on top there was some boy (ish) embroidery that I didn&#…

Refashion Runway and the reason why I am freaking out

Oh yes! I am totally freaking out. If you read this post then you know I'm having a long list of sew alongs and other sewing events happening these weeks.  What I didn't tell you is that Beth from The Renegade Seamstress, is hosting her second Refashion Runway competition, and she contacted me a couple of weeks ago. I had submited a project for the first challenge but I didn't make it to participate.  This time, I had seen the submissions were open again but since I wasn't quite sure, I hadn't submit anything until I got Beth's e-mail. She was wondering if I'd like to submit again... and I thought why not?!, but honestly, I wasn't hoping to be selected so I kinda forgot about it until a couple of hours ago.  I was selected.  I am competing in Refashion Runway and the first project must be up by Saturday. So, yes: I am freaking out pretty much. 

Here's the themes in case you want to sew along:
week 1: Plaid week 2: Pantone 2013 Color Emerald green we…

It's that time again!

This can always get me so excited! Project Run & Play is back with the weekly challenges to push me harder. The link party for the first week is now open, so it's time for me to show you what I've done too. This week's challenge is a pattern remix, and that is Oliver + S'sPopover Sundress Pattern.  Mmmmm... I wasn't so excited about it when I saw it, I even thought about not joining this week's sewalong, I am trying to do a sustainable kind of sewing, more and more as days go by, and since my little miss doesn't need extra unwanted clothing, I thought I'd rather pass this challenge. BUT then I had a little cousin's birthday coming and a light was turn on in my head. I could sew something out of the Remix Pattern, but what?! Definately not a dress, I thought. I am sick & tired of dresses (honestly! and I don't even sew THAT many). 
Here's what I came up with after all:
Yes! A romper. I can't get enough of rompers. To make this I pri…

Sewing Challenges (& Sort of Wrap up)

New exciting things are on the way...

Operation Project $0 is on. Check it out HERE. I guest posted for the series too... YEY! Missed it? Go here!
Season 8 of Project Run & Play kicks off tomorrow! So excited to see what everyone come up with. The themes for the 4 weeks of challenge are: Pattern Remix - Candy - Plaid - and - Signature look. I have already done my Pattern Remix outfit, and will be blogging about it in just a few days. I'm still not sure about the second week, but I will join the other two for sure. 
Maratón Telaria - this is sort of a spanish version of PR&P, and I am in to sew along with. There are also 4 weeks, and the themes for this are: Retro - Knits - Bed Time- and - our choice. Starts next month, so I'm excited for this too. 
I might or might not join this one if I can get to sew it mixed up with another of the challenges. This is a challenge hosted by the Spanish blog La Pantigana. And we're supposed to use a really horrible fabric that we mi…

Melissa's Baby Harem Pants

Do you still remember my first Harem Pants? Well, a few weeks ago I decided to make another pair, this time for the little niece. The one with the amazing blue eyes. My mother in law handed me down this tunic which obviously I wouldn't wear (and if you knew me better you'd know why!), so I started brainstorming... how will I use it, how will I use it?, I wanted to use the original embroidery, because I loved it, but I ended up going for the harem pants. 
To have a good use of the fabric I had to make a few adjustments to the original pattern, but I think it turned out just fine. I also added a new kind of pockets, so I could use a bit more of that embroidery and add something special to the pants. Even though I have them finished for a while, I didn't have the chance to have pictures taken with baby Mel wearing them. So, I'm sorry just one shoot.