Made by my mother I

For my niece's birthday my mother made her this cute little crocheted bag. It's made of a wonderful dark green, with some of the girl's fake jewellery, which I believe, gives it an adorable look. 

My mom came in for help to me to finish this though. She needed some fabric for the linning and a zipper too. Of course, not only did I handle her the materials she needed as i ended up cutting and sewing the lining as well as adding the zipper. 

My niece loved it and has been using it proudly! Sometimes I wish I knew how to knit and crochet the nice way - I can do a few stitches but I am definately a cheater when it comes to these, but then again, I already have so much with the sewing... 


  1. A mala ficou simplesmente linda ;o) Adoro a tonalidade, parece azul mas é verde e com os detalhes ficou um 'must'. parabéns para as 2 já que foi um trabalho 'a meias'. Quanto ao crochet e tricot ainda vais a tempo de te dedicares mais mas é claro que para isso é mesmo preciso prescindires de uns tempinhos de costuras ;o)

  2. Obrigado. Pois o mal é eu prescindir das costuras.... hehehe

  3. Oh that is so sweet! My mother was my first sewing teacher and I love it when she comes over and I show her all my sewing projects!

  4. Such a cute bag. The teamwork is my favorite part!


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