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KCW day 8 and still working...

Just like I said I would, I've worked on my WIP Kid's Clothes Week, but I couldn't blog about it, since I left to Spain. I arrived yesterday almost at midnight, so no sewing or blogging, I just went straight to bed.  So, the reason why I am still talking about day 6 is clear now.  I managed to put a few pieces together, cut the remaining pieces, chose my buttons (although I have changed my mind already). 

Today's the 8th and last day of the KCW, and I've been working on my piece again. There's not much left to do, since I was able to bassicaly finish the back of the dress, and I am just three stitches away from finishing the front. Then I have to put them together, add button holes and buttons, and add a fabric band... where? You'll be able to find out when I'm done. 

I just wanted to show you all this because I will try to finish it later today, but I am not sure if I will be able to, so you can see what I've done so far. 
Baby G. is napping and I…

KCW. Day 6 and the forgotten romper dress

I said I was done when I finished the only thing I did for the Kids Clothes Week. And I really thought I was , but it seems I just couldn't let it pass like that, when a thought came across my mind. All the way back to January, I started a new romper dress for my daughter, but then I went for the PR&P challenges, then there was Sew in Tune, the Pinterest Challenge, Sew-vivor, The Sew Off, Peques de Cine and April is ending and the romper dress was nowhere to be seen anymore. After I found it, I couldn't find the rest of the fabric - apparently I kept them separated! I spent 1h over midnight searching for it yesterday, because I really wanted to give it another try before the KCW was over. 

I'll try to do it today. Since January the only thing I did was sewing the pockets about two days ago. But later today I'll be off to spend the weekend over my parents.

KCW: The Flower Fairy Dress

It's the third day of the Kid's Clothes Week challenge, and everywhere on the blogland I see people sharing their wonderful creations. I told you I wasn't quite sure if I would join in the fun or not. But with so many great things coming up from basicly everywhere, I couldn't help but to enter my own little thingy too. 
I guess this week's the perfect oportunity to finally finish my niece's dress. It was promised her since the time I made her brother an outfit for the boy's themed week on PR&P season 6
If you followed me, you know I had planned to make her something for the details week challenge on PR&P all stars season. Well, I didn't! =( And since I didn't get anything done, I thought it'd would fit pretty well the Spring formal themed week, on the same season of PR&P. Well, again, and just by a couple of days I didn't again. 
As I said above, KCW was just my excuse to get it done. 
I actually worked on it last week, I cut …

Sewing Challenges

Apparently all the sewing blogsphere is busy with this week's challenge:
I'm still not sure if I will participate or not. I'm still feeling so so tired! At least my little girl feels well again. It was an entire week having her sick, she's so thin it hurts me... 
Here's something else tempting... I love knock it offs...

I just might sew along too, not sure. I won't say I will anyway, because I was so sure I could sew along Project Run and Play, but only managed to get the 2 first weeks finished. I had wonderful plans for week 3 and 4 but oppssss I missed it! So, for the next challenges I'll just hope on them and see what happens.

Peques de Cine II

This challenge, consisted in creating a knock-off from a movie or series that we like. And then, after recreating the look, we should try to recreate a scene from the movie/series. So, as you can guess, I couldn't do that with a sick kid. I mean, she doesn't always collaborate when she's ok, wonder how it'd be with her sick?! Besides, I would never bother her with my sewing obsessions when she's not feeling well, 'cuz no matter how much I love those internet "things", I'm a mom first and have to care for her.

I chose the movie Pan's Labyrinth, which I love to death! I remember watching it on the cinema with V. back in 2006, and we were the only ones in the room. People thought it was a kid's movie... can you believe it? It's a brutal movie that mixes up a world of fairies and the Spanish Civil War. It's not a movie for kids, for sure. 

I knew I wanted to choose a child character for my project after I did a few researches through …

Tutorial: Ribbon Roses

Today I am bringing home a post I made for Keeping it Simple, about a year ago. I just checked the link and I've realised there's something wrong with the pictures. It is a good thing I will postt them all over again for you. 

I tried to come up with something simple to share, and I thought about one of the frist things I've learnt when I was a little girl. And it is: how to make a ribbon rose. You can make them with any ribbon and the results are always pretty.

1. Make sure you have your favourite ribbon, or the one matching your future project.
2. Fold your ribbon in half, just like you see in the photo.
3. Then start putting one of the sides on top of the other, and then again.
4. Go on doing that until you're left with a smaller tip.
5. The next step, is to hold your ribbon on the tip's edge and let go of the rest of it. It will look like a braid.
6. Grab the smaller tip and gentle pull it. It will start forming your rose shape. You have to keep pulling until i…

Peques de Cine I

Have you noticed this button on my side bar?

Well, it is another fun sewalong from Maria's Loca por la Costura blog. I commited to sewalong too, but after all, I missed the deadline. It was two days ago, and I actually finished mine yesterday, but couldn't take any pictures, or pretty much do anything else.

My little girl got worst last monday...I think she's finally getting better, but still not quite fine. At least she ate something that didn't get thrown away... finally!
I'm planning to share my project though, as soon as she's recovered, so stay tunned!

Here's a peek...

The Sew OFF

So, the results for week 2 of The Sew Off are here. I didn't make it to the 3rd week if you're wondering. It was no surprise at all, I can tell you. If only the votes of the judges counted, I would be in the 6 contestants left, but those were not the rules of this contest and I'm off now. That's quite a relief though. My kid is getting sick and I'm feeling just too tired this week to come up with something worth the competition... those ladies are really good!!! So, it's going to be just nice to follow the competition... I've taken it very sprotly since the start. I'm not too extra competitive so, losing doesn't hurt... It's a case of, it was fun while it lasted! And I do feel like a winner, anyway! You don't believe me?! Well, let me tell you. First of all, did you see The Sew off prizes? Pretty much fabric and patterns... Ok, I feel a little sad about the patterns, but really?! Fabric? I've been trying to use what I already have becau…

The Sew Off week 2 < A new Entry... >

NOTE: Heavy post!!!

So, here I am, second week of the The Sew Off competition. And this time around, the theme is Home Decor. When I first read the news that I did make it to the 12 contestants I sort of panic. When I made it to the 9 contestants I really did panic!
What was I suppoused to do now?! 
I was comfortable with the children's look because I was already sewing along Sew-vivor and PR&P. I never thought I could make it to the competition. Although I did audition for The Sew Off, I just thought I wouldn't make it anyway and was going to enjoy a light sew along... but, I made it, and suddenly I realised I would have to do bigger and better than I had previously believed I would. I have to do the best I can, for me and for the judges who picked me! 
So, back to my first idea - I tend to get lost, sorry - I decided it was about time to make my G. a brand new playhouse in which we could hide all her toys that usually makes our floor so messy. I was sure I didn't wan…

Just in case...

... you didn't see, I am one of the 9 contestants still competing for The Sew Off. 
Thank you everyone who voted! I really needed your votes as it seems and I'm sure pretty much each single one of you who voted for me made a difference. 
My heart was shrinking as I scrolled down the page earlier today. I was seeing everyone else's but mine. When I got to number 8 I was pretty sure I didn't make it... 
But then there it was, my Dreaming of Spring outfit made it to another week. I was the last person (9th place) to make it through next's week, but it made me happy to see that I was 4th place on the judges scores. 
I'm really sorry for the 3 other ladies who had to go, especially Michele from Falafel and the Bee, forgive the other two, but hers was absolutely one of my favourites. 
Next week's theme is Home Decor. I have nothing yet but a simple idea! I had a pretty exciting one until today but I had to give up, I'd tell you why later.

Week One of THE SEW OFF < Dreaming of Spring Outfit >

Edited: This post was first meant for The Sew Off competition. Still, when I started refashioning this pants, I had The Sew-vivor sew along in mind, which theme was buttons. In the meanwhile I was informed I was competing for The Sew Off and immediately started thinking about making a full outfit for my entry on the kid's clothing theme.  For the Project Run & Play sew along, I was hoping to make my niece a dress, with some flower details. I didn't know I would end up so short on time, and since I don't usually do much details, this outfit is pretty much the general detailed look I usually sew. 
I wasn't really expecting to hit one of the twelve. I was planning to sew along anyway, so as soon as I knew what the themes were, I started working on my kid's project. Spring just got in a few days ago, so I made a spring inspired outfit.

It is composed by three pieces: ablazer jacket, a top and a pair of denim pants. 

I love this picture! Can you notice her mini braid? …