Sew in Tune - Winter Edition

Yeah yeah yeah... it's Winter edition, but I have done another outfit to better wear in any other season but Winter. What can I do? Maybe I got sick of all the cold days, I need sunny and warm weather... soon, please! And who cares anyway?!

It's almost a week since I finished baby G.'s Sew in Tune outfit. Since I heard about the challenge I knew right away what band I wanted to be inspired by. And soon I knew what song I was going to sew with. 
And if you know a little about Bon Jovi's, then you might have guessed by the photos what song I used!!! Yes, Have a Nice Day (click on song title to watch it on youtube)

Again I went the refashionist way! I searched through my pile just to find the things I already had in mind: a red polo shirt someone has given me a while ago and dad's very worn out jeans. I mean, Bon Jovi is a rock and roll band, right? So, I thought maybe the worn out looking jeans would give a rock look to my outfit. 

To trace both pieces I used existing clothes from G. But of course I had to make some changes and adapting a little. For the shirt, I used something new: fabric painting. I have tried to fabric paint before, on a t-shirt for me but it was left in the middle, for almost 10 years now, I guess I'll never finish that. 
Continuing... I printed the image on normal papel and made a stencil with it. But it on the shirt (it was already cut) and with a brush painted it. Then allowed it to dry (I painted in the evening and only continued the next day), then pressed it with the iron. 

For the shorts, I used the bottom of the jeans legs because they were torn in the middle, and I wanted to use the original side seams. I used a size 2 pair of pants to trace the shorts. The most simpliest I could find, then all I had to do, was adding the (original) front pockets, which give it a special look. For the waist band, I used some scraps from the polo shirt. 

Back to the shirt, I had this idea of making a shirt with knots on the shoulders for a while, and since I couldn't make it before, this was the oportunity to make it real. It was a bit of a hard work to put all that bias tape on the 4 edges of the future knots but I'm glad I did, I love the look and it's super confy. Another great thing, is I made them long enough, and I can adapt it as she grows, it fits now and I am pretty sure, it will still fit next year! 

We had a great photo shoot today! I had to heat her bedroom because it was freezing (Winter here right now, remember?!), and I had to be as quick as I could - I don't want a sick kid right now, I have too many projects to finish (erghhh, kidding of course, I don't want my kid sick ever!). 
I think I am creating a monster though! She totally loved to pose today, she even followed my orders... turn front, turn back, seat here, do this, do that!!! My sweet little girl! Can you tell by these photos?!

Another self-challenge done - checked!
using stuff from my stash thin - checked!
using a new technic - checked!
Total spent:0€
good balance then!


  1. Oh fun! This is such a cute little outfit! I love the little ruffled hem! Great job! I really need to get involved with Sew In Tune this round!
    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you Heather! thanks for hosting... <3 your blog!

  2. So cute! Thanks for linking to the Flickr group!

    1. It was fun so thanks for the challenge!

  3. I love the "tough girl" look. She is just so sweet in that outfit!

  4. Cuuute. Yep, I remember that album cover!

    1. Thanks Kaitlin, I was inspired by the video clip, the smiley shows up in every place and on everyone!!! ;D

  5. OMG adorable yet again! Thank you for contributing to Refashion First Friday!

    & Refashion Co-Op Editors


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