Tutorial: Maternity Tunic from a man's shirt

I know I have my blog a little abandoned. It's just that I've been so busy with baby G. lately. She's been crying out for attention more than usual, and honestly, I spend too much time online. I want to follow all the posts from the blogs I follow and when I realise, I haven't even made the post I was thinking about, and it's too late, and I am completely tired and I go to sleep. 

Besides fixing a pair of pants for myself, another one for my V. man and sewing the hems from G.'s bedroom curtains, there's nothing I've done worth sharing. 

I've been trying to take photos each hour during one day but I always mess up at some point... so, I haven't made the A DAY IN PHOTOS post just yet either. 

So, to keep it a little busy, I was searching for something I would like to share, and I thought it'd be a great idea  to share a tutorial from a refashion I made while I was still pregnant. I've turned a man's shirt into a maternity tunic... Though I still wear it a lot, it's so comfy!

So, here's how I made it:
1. First I've separated all the shirt pieces. I am sorry I don't have photos of that process or from the original piece (the before). I tried to make nice pleats on the front piece. I don't know if you can understand by the picture, but I folded on each square from the fabric print to make 4 pleats. I started making them on the right side of the fabric but soon realised it had a mark from the front pocket... So, I used the wrong side as if it was the right side... no one could tell after all.
2. After pinning I linned it to sew it on the machine later.
3. The pleats were from the top to about the nipples. I ironed it flat before I sew.
 4. Then I sewed front pieces together (after cutting off the bottons and botton holes).
5. On the wrong side I basted it and ironed.
6. sewed all pleats into place.
 7. Then I grabbed the back piece and cutted it into shape to fit me.
8. Sewed front and back pieces together on the sholders. Basted and ironed.
9. I played around with some lace and ribbon to decide what to add to my tunic, in order to cover the front stitch (from sewing front pieces together).
10. Then drew and cut the sleeves, they were a 1/3 sized sleeves.
 11. Folded each sleeve, sewed it and basted.
12. Folded the sleeve's seam allowance twice (13) and pinned it.
 14. 15. 16Sewed it but left a little entrance to add some elastic.
17. Then I cut a stripe about twice longer than the front piece.
18. Added some lace on the middle of the front piece, from top to botton. Sewed it in place.
19. Made a bias tape out of the same fabric and added it to the neck line of the tunic. And it was done.
I know this isn't the best tutorial out there, but I just hope you enjoyed it, and maybe helped in any way... 


  1. Great refashion, Magda!!! The tunic looks fabulous! Easy to follow tutorial. Great idea to number the photos to match the instructions.

  2. Nice tunic, I like pleats. And they are so great to maternity wear, aren't they? :o)

  3. This is such a great tutorial! I would love for you to link up to my Linky Party via: www.ourdelightfulhome.blogspot.com

    Mrs. Delightful

  4. Thanks for sharing this great idea with us at The Sunday Round Up. You did a great job.
    @ http://www.arosiesweethome.com/


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