Gab's Blouse: The Tutorial

Well, I've been short on time to make this tutorial, that's why it took me longer than expected to post it. But I really wanted to make it, and when we really want things done, we always find the time to make them. so, it said, here's the promised tutorial of Gab's Blouse. Enjoy it! And don't forget to let me know if you use it. I'd love to see it. 

What you need:
paper and pencil (to trace your pattern)
fabric of your choice and bias tape of a contrasting colour (you can buy ready made or make it yourself). I've told you how I make mine in the Ant Costume Tutorial.
Thread, a needle and a sewing machine
Your kids fitting shirt and pins.

Note: I use cm in my tutorials, so click here to convert cm into inches! (if you need to).

I used a slightly bigger t-shirt from my baby girl to make her new blouse. I wanted it to fit for a little longer, that's why. So, trace the front and back pattern (1). You need to adjust it to the shape you want. I made the bottoms a little larger, as seen on picture (2). Also, draw a little line on the neckline (4), down a few cms (as many as you'd like, mine has about 10cm), cut it out and save that little piece, it is a pattern too (for the neck detail). Then trace the sleeves, and add lenght (3). Use 1,50cm seams allowance to all, except the neckline and bottom of sleeves (they don't need a seam allowance), and the bottom of the blouse, you'll use a 2-3cm seam allowance here. 
I'm all about recycling, so I use the papers from the shops that they put on my mail box. 
Transfer your patterns into your fabric and cut them.

Now, you have to do the boring part of the project. lol Cut a piece of fabric 10cmx20cm. Fold it in half and draw a line on the wrong side of the fabric (1). From that line you'll measure a few more to each side, with 1,50cm between each one. Get a needle and thread all the lines (2). Since we'll sew on the right side of the fabric, this will help us knowing how to fold it. A look on the right side of the fabric (3). Now, the boring part, fold each of this lines and make a seam at about 0,30cm from the edge. You'll end up with half the size your piece first had (4). 
Press it, and make sure all the pieces are laying the same direction. Mine aren't perfect, but so wasn't the original one from where I copied this one... lol ... This is a picture of the wrong side. 

Fold that little piece of fabric and use the piece of paper you've cut from the front piece of the pattern. Cut two of this, follow the pictures. No seam allowance on the rounded edge (2), and about 0,5cm in all the other. Cut on the fold (3) and add bias tape on this sides you've just cut, on the wrong side first, then turn it and sew on the right side. 

There's no picture of it, but I've cut the corners into a round shape too. Get the front piece of the fabric and a sew this application into place. Make sure, the bias tape fabric, gets one on top of the other, like you see in the next picture. 

Here's how it looks on the wrong side of the fabric. Baste it.

Once the hardest part of the project is done, let's get to the sleeves. Pin them like you see in the next picture, I made mine a little wider on the top so I could pucker it a little. Then sew it into place.

You can now add your bias tape to the neckline and the bottom of your sleeves (1). Cut the elastic to be confortable enough and introduce it in the bias tape of the sleeves (2). Then, you will pin from the bottom of your blouse, all the way to the wrist (3). Sew it and baste (4). 

Only one more step and you're done. Baste, fold the seam allowance, on the bottom, pin it and sew it. I haven't because I was a little lazy (and only did it when G. used it the first time), but you should press it with your iron afterwards to make it look better, and have a nice finished look. 

Yay! You're done!!! Oh, don't forget to add your tag if you have one.


  1. Just gorgeous!!! Love the pintucks at the neckline. The contrasting bias looks great, too. Detailed and easy to follow tutorial. I'd love you to share this at our Tops for Girls linky.

  2. That is so so cute!! Well done you!

    - Adele @ Mammy Made

  3. I love it. Those pintucks are adorable! :) Thanks for linking up!

  4. I am going to be featuring you tomorrow morning on Blissful and Domestic. Stop by and grab a button.


  5. Hi Magda, I've featured Gab's Blouse tutorial today...

  6. Very cute, bet your little one looks cute in it!


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