Tutorial: Baby's Ant Costume Part II: the hat and antennae

Today's time to complete the Ant Costume Tutorial, by showing you how I made the hat for my little ant.

To start I used one of her hats to actually draw a pattern. I chose one in particular, because it had the right shape I was searching for. Just made it a little different.

Once you have your patterns, cut 4 pieces of the longest triangle piece, 2 of the smallest and two of the front  flap.

Sew the smaller two together, on the wrong side. It will look like this on the right side.

Sew the longest round edge of the flap.

Then turn it around to the right side and pin the side you just saw.

Make another stitch line at about 0,5cm from the edge.

Pin the flap to the two pieces you saw before (it is the smallest ones).

I actually had to adjust mine after pinning, since the pattern wasn't quite a perfect match. After you sew, it will look like this on the right side. 

Now, grab the rest of the pieces and sew them, two by two. Always on the wrong side of the fabric.

You'll need to sew those two new pieces together to make it just one.

It will look like this, when you do.

And I guess I was so excited making it, I didn't take any more photos. I'm very, very sorry! But all I did after, was to pin this 4 pieces to the one I had put together before, and then sew a 1cm seam all around. My hat looked like this after I finished:
Oh, and when I put it on G., I had to add an elastic to it. It's optional. 

Now, for the antennae, I used a headband I already had. I took the rose it had on it (and kept it away to glue in place later again). 

For the antennae itself, I wanted to use wire, but I realised I had none at home, and I started a search for anything that would work too. I founf some leftovers from electricity cables and those had to serve. With a thin cord, I attached two pieces to the headband. Make sure you tight them pretty strong... one of mine fell in the Carnival Parade. 

Then cut two circles out of the black fabric, they should be big enough to look proportional to your ant's head. I guess mine had about 8cm of diameter. Start by sewing a 0,5cm seam all around. 

Then pull your threat to create a little ball.

Fill it, Add the wire (or whatever you use... hehe) in the middle. Try to put it as deep as you can.

Then pull the threat as much as you can and sew it all around to close the opening left. Remember: Sew it tight!

Do it for both antennaes, and you've got your costume ready.
I was modeling here, G. fell asleep. =) Oh, and the next day, I decided it would look much prettier to be all black, so I cut a large piece of the black fabric and lined the entire headband.

click here to convert cm into inches!


  1. The top of your hat is lined up perfectly, Magda. I have difficulty lining everything up...


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