Nursing in purple

I have been making it bit by bit. The first thing I finished was the protectors for my baby's bed. I first thought of buying it and avoid the whole lot of work, since she was a newborn when I started them, and I had no time at all for sewing then. But, I couldn't find what I wanted, or it was way too expensive for my taste.
I decided I would make it then. And I did, bit by bit as I mentioned before.

I used a tutorial from a magazine I had, full of baby items. But of course, I altered it a little. I only made two pieces, and it was a 4 pieces one in the original.

Here's how they looked like when I finished them. The blanked didn't match at all, so I had to make a new one, of course. It took me another couple of months until I had it done. 
The bigger doll on the bed, was also made by me. It holds her diapers in her room right now. I will surely make a post about it someday. 
For the blanket I wanted to use tthe same pattern but I didn't want the squared to be so small, so I had to adjust the size of them for the next project. 
Here it is:
Looks way better now, doesn't it?

All I needed to have it all done, was a little matching pillow. Once again I had to adjust the size of my squares. I was much easier this time, and much faster to finish this project. So, I guess on the 7th of this month, I had finally finish all the things I needed for G.'s bed. 
And I just love it. She's now sleeping in her own bedroom, since the beginning of this month, and her bedroom has became my very favourite room in the house. 

 Lovely, isn't it?
The little witches were also stitched by me. More about it later. I also, painted the frames to match the room's colours. They were originally white. Her bed was originally brown, and she got it from my sister's kids. Before we brought it homw, my sister painted it the way you see it, also to match. 


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