My first blog post

I've been blogging for quite a while already. But I have deleted all my old blogs, and decided not to create any new ones. 
Still, the one blog I have right now, I write it in my own language, and it's more than just a craft blog. I felt I had my hands tight, I could only comunicate with people that talked the same language, and I wondered why?! So, here it is... a blog for my DIY life only. 
I hope it allows me to meet lots of crafty people, share a lot of ideas, and learn a lot from everyone else. 

In this first post I am showing a little project I just finished today. 

The weather got really cold here, it's that cold mass air going through Europe reaching my little country by the sea, so, since she didn't have any and I wasn't in the mood to spend any money, I made a robe to my 7 month old daughter, from one of her plain blankets. 

The polka dots fabric I used, were scraps left from other projects I've been making for her bedroom, and which I plan to share later. 

Here's a detail from the robe. I added a small pocket with a patched heart on it. 

And here the detail of the belt.

It doesn't show in the picture but, I added some polka dot fabric on the collar too. I couldn't wear her the robe today because she was already asleep when I finished it, but I plan to take some pictures tomorrow. If I get to take some nice ones, I will surely share them. 


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